Wednesday, March 2, 2016

This Just May Be a Hormonal Thing... Or Maybe Leo's Oscar Speech... I Dunno...

I have been feeling very nostalgic these past few days. I keep missing my childhood. When things were so much simpler. When I would wake up in pajamas early during Saturday mornings to watch cartoons in TV, have champorado for breakfast with powdered milk since it is a weekend and I didn't need to eat something heavy because I was not going to school. I remember the scent in the air, fresh and clean. And whenever the Ber months started, we took out the really thick comforters, no need to turn the ac on because it would be really cold. I remember our Christmas stockings when we woke up on Christmas day, full of goodies! So we always made sure we used knee high socks then, LOL. I remember looking at the window where we would see "Santa's" gift for us. He was really good because he always got our gifts right! Little did we know that the letters we sent to "Santa" went to our mom who was always meticulous in buying the right stuff. Thank God I wasn't the "pony" or "puppy" type of kid! Or else Santa would brake my heart if he got it wrong. I loved family reunions and seeing my cousins. I loved the food my aunts would bring and anticipate the midnight gift giving where we would all sit in front of the tree and my grandmother would call out our names to distribute the gifts brought by everyone.

I remember how I would save up my allowance so I can buy stationary and cute pens from Uncle Bob's from school. How I would call on the "kuya" from the Funny Store so I can buy all kinds of crazy things. From small red lipsticks so I can slap kissmarks on my classmates and friends, to this small gadget that you can press on a button to electrocute (or ground??) people. I remember looking out the classroom windows overlooking the basketball courts on the spacious school gym and watch my crush play ball while I listen to Eraserheads from my portable CD player.

I remember my only problem was making sure I did not get out from the Top 10 list, I wasn't much of an achiever, to be honest. I did not want to be on the spotlight. I was happy just the way things were. I did not want to spend endless hours studying. I preferred reading books, wasting away in the library, walking around Grace Village with my friends. You cannot begin to count how many pieces of jewelry I lost while doing this. I was a perfect example of not letting kids use expensive things. LOL I remember the thrill of buying notebooks and wrapping my books with plastic cover. I was always excited when classes were about to start!

I remember attending CAT and all the hairpins I had to put on in my hair which used to really piss me off. I remember singing in the choir and long nights of practicing for events. I remember working in the school paper and being proud of my PRESS ID which my brother would actually "press" when he sees just to make fun of me. I remember endless nights of doing layout with friends just so we can have the paper printed on time. I remember my first love (and now my husband) waiting for me no matter how late I finished just to make sure I came home safe and sound. I remember the ridiculous fist fights boys got into, and he would remove his dress watch to avoid it from getting damaged from all the punches he would have to throw. Looking back, I think he was the only teenage boy I can remember who wears a freaking dress watch ( a Guy Laroche, no less) to school, and dress shoes to match! He was soooo formal! But I also remember his shoes were always dirty, which really upset my mom. LOL 

I am living a good life, I should not complain. But I really miss when times were simpler. If only I could turn back time I would like to visit these days and learn to really enjoy it. I know back then I took these for granted, but now that I am getting... errrr, aging, I mean, I reminisce and realize that I am blessed with wonderful years growing up. I hope when the time comes for me to look back to the years following that, I can also do so with a smile like they way I am doing now as I think about my childhood.

Or maybe this was all brought on by this video. Listening to the opening words of You Can Fly from Peter Pan really brought me back in time...

"Think of a wonderful thought... 
Any merry little thought.
Think of Christmas, think of snow, 
Think of sleigh bells off you go, 
Like reindeer in the sky."

"Think of the happiest things, 
It's the same as having wings.
Take the path that moonbeams make, 
If the moon is still awake
You'll see him wink his eye."

Yep, I am feeling nostalgic... Okay, time to sleep. 

Sweet dreams, sweeties!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Late Post: My 2015 Birthday Celebration

For those who know me, they can attest to my DIY craziness. If I can DIY something, I would prefer to do it that way. So for my birthday, I decided to do it at home with my family, minus my husband who was overseas during that time.

Choosing to celebrate at home is more special for me than eating out. It takes a lot of effort to rearrange our furniture just so I can fit in additional tables, and my brother was not too excited about it. LOL I also went to Dapitan Arcade to shop for decors that I want to use. Come to think of it, it was more costly than eating at Vikings! Haha!

My hoard from Dapitan Arcade

These are all good buys and amounted to roughly Php 2,000 for everything! The picture does not do justice to how nice these are. These are all really pretty up close and personal. 

My "buffet" table. LOL

I got my Ball Mason Jars out and used them as glasses together with the carafe pitcher I got from Dapitan Arcade. The plates and bowls that we used are also from Dapitan Arcade. The wooden chopping board that looks like a log came from one of my trips from Batangas. Gives it a really rustic feel, doesn't it? 

I used the paper mache letters from our wedding and covered it with pink felt, recycled props. For my birthday banner, I used wrapping paper from Hallmark and my mom cut out the letters. She was very supportive in all this. I got the small cupcake stand from Dapitan Arcade as well, together with the Ball Mason Jar trinket dish and trinket jar. 

The food is here!!

We just bought my favorite food from different restaurants and served it. I was uber happy!!! And can you see my absolutely gorgeous cake?! Here is a closer look:

My super pretty cake!

Here is the top view

My cake was made by Desserts First. It was sooo pretty it almost broke my heart to eat it. But it was also sooo yummy! It was wiped out before the day ended! Check out Dessert First's Facebook page here

I bought 2 yards of this fabric from 999 Mall and used it as a table cloth. The place setting dinnerware that you see here are from Dapitan Arcade as well. 

My dinner place setting

The two toned cutlery are also from Dapitan Arcade. The paper napkins are from 999 mall and the floral centerpiece is from EveryThing Clay, it looks like real flowers, so nicely made. See her Facebook here. Very dainty set up, don't you think?

Overall, my birthday dinner was a success and I was very happy with how things went. I also felt it was more personal and really special. I appreciated all the efforts put in of my family for this to turn out the way it did. For this I would use the emoticon "Feeling Loved" in Facebook. LOL

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Makeup Class with My Fairy Godmother: Mayone Bakunawa-Balbarin

I was in Singapore and did not have stable internet connection. But because of W@W love, I was able to join batch 2 of Mayone's class for N@Wies! (Thanks, Choco Chelle! You the best! xoxo)

I cannot tell you how happy I am with my makeup during our big day. It was just perfect, I loved every bit of it! And my gawd, I was able to hide my double chin even for just a day! LOL So I was absolutely thrilled to be able to learn makeup from my fairy godmother herself.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, the class started at 1:00 PM at Burgers and Brewskies (who serve the meanest bacon chicharon, in my opinion). Mayone was her usual cool self, it brought back memories of me getting the jitters before walking down the aisle and the calm that she helped me feel just by being there and being herself.

Workshop materials complete with 
"pak na pak na handout" LOL

Demo with the pretty model, Rosina.
Her features were really pretty,
she did not need makeup to 
enhance it. So you can imagine 
how gorgeous she was with 

 While Mayone was explaining and doing the demo, we were following by doing the steps on ourselves. So, as customary, here is my before and after shot. The handout was also very helpful, and really funny! It was like I could almost hear Mayone saying the words out loud!



Take note that we did the fresh look that you can use daily. Mayone also showed us how to convert this look into something you can do for parties and night outs, complete with smokey eyes! 

After the session there was also a pop up makeup booth where you can purchase the stuff that was used during the class which was awesome because you can personally ask Mayone which shades to pick for yourself! I bought a contour kit since this is one thing I don't have and am absolutely grateful to have learned this trick. Goodbye double chin (temporarily, LOL). There were also some products that Mayone recommended which are pretty good but also affordable. These 2 are on the top of my list to buy:

Biore sunscreen which can gives
a powdery effect! How cool is that?

I had wanted to by the Naked 3 palette but 
Mayone recommended this too. I think
this would be perfect for beginners like me.
More affordable and perfect for practicing!

It was an enjoyable day. Good food, good company, new knowledge. As a matter of fact, that following day I already used my new learnings going to the office.

Tadah!! The I-woke-up-like-this
makeup look. 

And of course, I would not let the session end without a picture with my fairy godmother:

Me with my fairy godmother

Thanks again, Mayone! For sharing your knowledge with us and helping is "prettify" ourselves. If you are still looking for your HMUA for the big day, you can't go wrong with this lady. Check out her Facebook account here

Friday, February 12, 2016

The OFW's Wife: Reduced Travel Tax

I love travelling. What I don't like about travelling is having to pay those taxes and fees! LOL

Our Philippine Travel Tax rate is Php 1,620.00 and there is still the terminal fee to consider. When my husband, then boyfriend, traveled to and from Manila, I was always envious of the fact that he did not have to pay these fees. And now that we are married, I get to enjoy a lowered tax rate!

How do we do this? You can get a certified true copy of his OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate) of his last departure from the Philippines. You can go to the 6th floor of POEA where you can find the Records Section. Don't forget to bring a valid government issued ID and an original copy of your marriage certificate. Have a xerox copy ready since you will submit this together with the form that you will be asked to fill out. The form will already have your number stamped on the upper left corner. The screens in front will flash the number that will be served so you will know when it's your turn.

I appreciated that the waiting area is air-conditioned and had several sets of chairs. It made waiting comfortable. Once your number is called, submit the forms and answer any clarifications that the personnel has. After this, you will be advised to wait for your name to be called for the releasing of the document.

So, here comes your travel date. Be ready with the OEC of your spouse and an original copy of your marriage certificate. This is important, always make sure you are bringing an NSO copy of your marriage certificate because the airport personnel in the travel tax kiosk will ask for it. They will then photo copy it and return the original document to you. The same goes for the OEC. Please take note that you can only take advantage of the reduced travel tax if you are going to the country where your spouse is based. If you will be visiting a different country you will not be granted a reduced tax rate. What I paid for was Php 300 for the travel tax and Php 200 for the certificate that was issued about being an OFW dependent. So from the regular rate of Php 1,620 to Php 500! How awesome is that?!?

Since the OEC document is not required to be kept by the airport personnel, I got to use it each time I went to visit the hubby. It makes the trip to POEA absolutely worth it.

Friday, October 16, 2015

It's A Spiderman Party!

My niece was turning 10 and she wanted a Spiderman Party. Yes, you read that right. I have a NIECE. And she wants a Spiderman themed party. Well, to each his/her own.

There were some party supplies that can be found in National Bookstore. But I felt that they were overpriced, just because I know I can get it cheaper in Divisoria. I normally go during weekdays, around 1pm or 2pm, since I find that this is the least crowded times.

We parked at Lucky Chinatown and just walked to 999 mall and 168 mall. Although, at the ground floor and 2nd floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall we already found most of the party supplies that we were looking for.

Placemat and coaster Php 10.00

Buntings Php 25.00

Invites Php 20.00

Inside the invite

Popping Candy Php 35.00

Foil Balloons Php 10.00/pc

Stickers Php 25.00

Party Hats Php 35.00

Plastic Loot Bags Php 35.00

Gel Pens Php 20.00

Puzzles Php 8.00/pack

Cardboard Loot Bags Php 45.00

We also bought some stationary sets and coloring books for the loot bags. The stationary sets were Php 10.00 each which contained a pencil, a sharpener, an eraser, a stick glue and a ruler. The coloring books were Php 10.00 each. The rest we got from the grocery. So, we put in the food stuff in the cardboard loot bags and the activity stuff in the plastic loot bags since it was bigger.

The Spiderman cupcake kit is from eBay which we got for Php 600.00. It includes 24 pieces cupcake cups and the Spiderman toppers in plastic toothpicks. The cupcake tier is collapsible and can be used again. We ordered these yummy cupcakes from It's Maijen's Cupcakes for only Php 25.00. It was a hit with the kids and adults alike! Jen was very easy to deal with, it was a very smooth transaction. I am sure I will be going back to her for my other cupcake needs.

Spiderman Cupcake Stand

Goodies from the grocery 
were placed in here.

Activity goodies were placed
in here.

Catering by Pierre Angelli

I think it is worth mentioning that I have booked many times with Pierre Angelli and have always been happy with their service and their food. If my recollection serves me right, this would be my 6th time to book with them. Sorry I don't have pictures of the food, I was too busy being a stage aunt. LOL

Overall, the party was a huge success. We achieved everything we wanted, all within our budget. Till our next party, Divisoria! I know you have everything I need!

One on One Makeup Lessons at Props Tools and Cosmetics

I feel that in getting married, you have more pressure to keep yourself pretty. We need to make sure that we don't lose our self. Lots of girls fall into "losyang" mode after getting married. But we shouldn't.

I have been in quite a few make up classes. I had one with Mitch Camaclang which was included in the wedding package that I booked with her. And there was also another one with Kris Bacani in Trade School Manila. Both were really good and I learned a lot from them. But it's different if you have it one on one. That way you will know which shade looks right for you. It's customized according to your skintone since the class only includes you.

I took advantage of this voucher I saw in one of the group buying sites for a one on one class in Props Tools and Cosmetics. The voucher value was Php 1,500 but I got it for a fraction of this price. I chose a lazy Wednesday afternoon to have the session. You have to schedule at least a week in advance so you can secure the slot that you prefer.

Come Wednesday, I seem to be coming down with the flu. But I went anyway, I did not want my session to be forfeited. I mean, I've been waiting for this day! I am excited!!

So, off I went to Tiendesitas. I love going to the malls on weekdays, parking is a breeze. So I did not have any problems finding a slot. I had some challenges finding the place but I eventually did with the help of a roving guard.

Here is their signage

You get a comprehensive handout and
get to use their make up as well.

Look at all those makeup! They sell 
those for a very reasonable price.

This is where the class is going to be.

Here is the view of the store part of the venue.

They also do advanced make up classes
if you want to become a pro!

Ms. Janine was really nice and patient with teaching me. She helped me find the right shades for my skintone and showed me how I can make my eyes up (very important for me!). I felt that the class was truly personalized and I learned what I needed to fit my needs. I even contoured my face correctly for a change! 

My sickly "Before" face. LOL

My not so sickly "After" face.
 Pardon my bad hair day.

After the class I bought some of the items that we used. Not the one we "used" in the class, okay? I meant the same shade that we used. I love it that they have Naturafactor coverface and powder for such a good price! I have returned a few times since to buy my make up needs from them.

So, if you want to learn how to make yourself up, I suggest enrolling in their one on one classes. It really helped me figure out what I should use on my face and how I can accentuate my features. You can find their Facebook account here

Props Tools and Cosmetics
2/F Fashion Village, Tiendesitas, 
Pasig City

Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Best Rib Experience So Far: Beeffalo

Oh, I love baby back ribs. I love it with a passion you'd find in fans and their celebrity idols (like ALDUB). Except mine is for food. LOL

We have dined numerous times in Beeffalo but I never get tired of it's flavorful dishes. At first glance the place looks like a private resort. The design includes beach waves, surf boards, some sea animals. The inside of the place is very homey and cozy. Although a bit contradicting in terms of decors because inside they have a rustic feel with some really vintage (antique, even) items on display. But, works for them! So I am not judging. I love the damn place.

These are our ultimate favorites:

Croquettes Php 145.00

Beeffalo Wings Php 195.00

Pork Slammers Php 180.00

Baby Back Ribs (Single) Php 285.00

Their croquettes are the best I have sampled so far. I can eat an entire plate alone! It is perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft-mushy inside. The mix of flavors is just perfect! I like the dip that comes with it but I prefer coating it with their Beeffalo Wings sauce. The wings are also really delicious. I always make sure we order this each time. You can have it in two ways, sweet or spicy. But we ask the server to make ours a little bit of both. The Pork Slammers is also a favorite of ours. The buttered pasta may look pretty ordinary but it is bursting with flavor! You can eat it alone and still be happy with it. That's why my brother would sometimes order extra rice for his pork slammer. He eats the pasta first and then he eats rice with the pork. The pork slammer is something like a pork chop of sorts with really good marinade. I super love their baby back ribs! It's really soft in a fall-off-the-bones kind of way, very yummy. Their java rice fits very well with this entree. And a single order is a lot, you can even order extra rice and it would still be more than enough! I always end up having take out when I order this dish. 

We've also tried their pork barbecue, breakfast steak, pork liempo, and caesar salad. All of which we liked. But those that I mentioned above are our favorites. 

They have an ongoing birthday promo right now! They will give you free 250g steak on your birthday as long as you bring at least 3 other people to dine with you.

Check out their Facebook account to learn more about it. 

Beeffalo by Hotrocks
Lot 6 Block 3 Gil Fernando Ave.,
Marikina City
0939 113 0772