Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Chinay Tourister Gets Engaged

It was just another normal day for me. The BF is based in Singapore so YM is pretty much our communication medium.

We already had plans of getting married after a year or two. So when he asked me to check for engagement ring designs and prices here in Manila, I wasn't really thinking it to be the proposal. I mean, it wasn't even sweet or cheesy the way proposals are supposed to be!


But then he asked me if I agreed to marrying him then. And once I find the ring that I want we can buy it already. And just like that, I was engaged.

It's a pink diamond in halo setting. And it was love at first, second, third, fourth, fifth sight.


Here's my engagement ring. Pink diamond in halo setting on 14k white gold. I love it!

It is a real beauty, and it looks wonderful on my hand. I am a lucky, lucky girl.

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