Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dream Designer: Michael Cinco

I couldn't sleep last night, so I was just browsing the net when I fell upon this:

And I was like, "O.MY.FREAKING.GAWD..." The back of this gown is absolutely stunning! This is what I want! So I hurried to check the entire article. It is entitled "Michael Cinco Wedding Gowns for the Opulent Brides".

*so that's what I am... tsk, tsk...*

I saw some really beautiful gowns in this article, like this one:

And this:

These pictures urged me on to check more of Michael's gowns. And here are some other designs that I so love:

Just look at the back of this gown! What an eye candy.

I love this one too.

I am actually considering having it copied for my wedding gown. But I don't know who can make this for me. I have to look for someone who can deliver the same kind of design. Who, who, who?

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