Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just Like The Movies

My next quest is to find the ideal videography team. I can always go for Jason Magbanua but again, like Metrophoto, the cost is just way too much for me to enjoy it. The same goes for Threelogy, their rates are pretty steep too. So again I want to find people who may be new but have fresh and good talent. When they are not yet too famous they still charge pretty reasonable rates.

Here are my shortlisted suppliers for video:
1. MG Digital - I watched their sample videos in Vimeo. Their shots are cinematic but very natural. Even when the couple is not really so good looking they can still make them look like movie stars. And the choice of song for the videos are really well picked. Their rates start from sixty thousand pesos (PhP 60,000.00) to one hundred twenty pesos (PhP 120,000.00), which I think are still reasonable.

2. MyPhotato - Their concepts are also pretty fresh. And they just don't cover your wedding like an ordinary video. I watched some of their videos in Vimeo. They make it into a movie too, they include the things that made your wedding pretty, keen on details. I like that. They capture the mood of the wedding. Their video coverage is at thirty five thousand pesos (PhP 35,000.00), not bad at all. Quality without burning a hole in our pockets.

3. Aisle1401 - I like these guys because they are the only one offering Cinemagraph! It's like a picture with moving background. Love this concept. Although their videos are pretty good I feel it still has a lot of room for improvement. But their ideas and style are very fresh too. They fit into the profile of the people I am looking for. Plus, (I can't move on) I really love the cinemagraph! Their rates start at twenty five thousand pesos (PhP 25,000.00) for the basics and forty thousand pesos (PhP 40,000.00) for the full package which includes the cinemagraph! They offer other services too like prenup photoshoots and prenup videos, save the date videos, and teasers. You can find out about the specifics in their website.

I am also deliberating on getting Niceprint or Smart Shot Studios who are offering complete packages for photo and video coverage. Their rates are reasonable and their work is good. I am also meeting up with them when H2B is here in Manila so we can check out their work. And then we will go from there.

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