Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lace... Or Not?

I want a heavily beaded and embroidered gown. And since I started wedding planning I haven't given any thoughts on what the entourage would wear. I realized that choosing a vintage glam theme is making it extra challenging. I, of course, also need to consider the time and season of my wedding date.

I really want my girls to wear lace. But with the kind of gown that I want I am not sure it would look alright. It might look totally out of place.

I think this dress is really pretty, I don't mind wearing something like this myself. The ribbon belt will be hot pink, the same with the hem. 

Or this one. The belt again will be pink instead of black. The cut of the dress is more wholesome, though.

Since I am contemplating about these dresses not fitting in with my wedding gown, here is an altered version. I still get my lace but I think this would look more adept.

The upper part of the dress is lace but the rest are satin or whatever clothe that can be used. For the color combination, I have no idea. I would have to ask the dress maker.

Here is another design I am also looking into. It's got less lace but is still, nonetheless, pretty.

The dress I am referring to is the shorter one. The only lace detail on this is the hem but I still find it vintage-y and classy. Still has that glam factor for me. For the colors, hot pink with silver belt. I will ask the girls to buy silver shoes or sandals. 

It all boils down as well, I guess, on how much these dresses would cost. This will already serve as our gift to the girls of our entourage. After all, these are not going to be cheap, you know. I just know it. But I am still hoping it won't cost an arm and a leg.

*Fingers Crossed*

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