Saturday, August 25, 2012

My First Attempt At DIY

In my previous post, I mentioned I bought feathers so I can make buttonieres. Yesterday, I went out to buy a Glue Gun and some beads that I can use. 

So I heated the glue gun already and cut out small circles from a used white folder, I will be using this as a base for the feathers. 

I detached some feathers from the lot that I bought from Divi so it will be easier to get. I put some glue  on the cut out that I made and started sticking feathers onto it. I then used some of the beads I bought and placed it in the middle. Here's how it looks.

I made another one, this time I trimmed the feathers to give it a more uniform look. I used a different kind of bead for this one.

I also created some head piece for my entourage. I used one of the trimmed buttoniere feathers and added some pink feathers underneath. I then attached a clip at the back so they can clip on to their hair. 

Hmmm... I am not satisfied. Something is missing. But I can't put my finger on it... I will have to browse the net for some inspiration.


I will wear this one for our prenup photo shoot. That way I will see how it will look once the girls from the entourage wears it. 

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