Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My First Trip to Divi

I was awed with all the DIY Projects of the B2Bs in GTalk. I was planning some DIY Projects myself but seeing all their projects gave me more inspiration to start with mine as early as now.

We took the LRT 2 from the Santolan Station, which is the first platform, going to Recto. Once we reached Recto we took a jeepney going to Divisoria. We got off at Abad Santos because the road was almost closed due to the vendors with their goods on the street.

We walked over to Tabora Street where there are lots of DIY materials. My goal was to find bottles with cork covers and burlap sacks. These were the things that we need for our give aways. We will be filling these up with coffee beans or brewed coffee, as suggested by the vendor of the burlap sack.

These are the bottles that I found in Tabora. I placed the BB beside it for size reference. The bigger bottle costs 5 pesos, it's 3.5 inches tall. The smaller bottle costs 4 pesos, it's 2.5 inches tall. The test tube is not related to my give aways at all. It's for my brother. He wrote a love letter for his GF and placed it inside the test tube. Cheesiness he is learning from his big sister (me).


I also got these burlap sacks. We will be using these for the primary sponsor's give aways. We will be filling them up with coffee beans or brewed coffee. We have yet to see how much those are when we go to the H2B's hometown in Batangas.

The biggest one is 9.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide, it costs 35 pesos each. As per the vendor, these are good for 1/4 kilos of coffee beans. The medium sized one is 8 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide, it costs 30 pesos each. This size is good for 1/4 kilos of brewed (powder) coffee. The smallest one is 5.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide, it costs 20 pesos each. We are contemplating if we can use this for guest give aways containing brewed coffee or coffee beans. But it will definitely cost more. 

I also got these feathers because I want to make pomanders and boutonnieres using these. I read this article on how to make feather pomanders and I really want to give it a shot. The turkey feather centerpiece is just too expensive. One turkey feather costs 100 pesos and it takes around 30 pieces per centerpiece  Duh???

These feathers are chicken feathers and they are 7 to 8 inches long. I again used the BB for size reference. It costs 100 pesos per pack. I am not sure though how many feathers are in it all in all. But it looks a lot!

These are pink chicken feathers. They are shorter, ranging from 2 to 4 inches. They have a furry type of feel, really soft. I plan to use them as a combination for the boutonnieres. These costs 80 pesos per pack.

These are just white versions of the pink chicken feathers. It costs the same, 80 pesos per pack. These I plan to use for the pomanders I was referring to. 

I am so excited to start my DIY projects! Can't wait!!! 

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