Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Ideal Prenup Venue

I am on the search for the most ideal prenup venue. We are going for a vintage glam theme so we need vintage looking venues. From researching, I was able to come up with the following locations:

1. Heirloom Manila - This was the first one I spotted. The name always comes up when I type "vintage prenup" in the net. I checked their Multiply account and saw the pictures there. I sent them an email asking for their rates and they quoted that we can rent the venue for 3 hours with a maximum of 6 persons for the team. The rate is five thousand pesos (PhP 5,000.00) and they also have packages like if we want to avail of their make up and stuff. Overall, I think their offering is reasonable and good.

Here is a prenup sample picture from their multiply website.

2. MN8 Studio - This is a new location, I think. It is in Jupiter Makati, very accessible. I found it here in Daphne's blog. The place is really pretty! They have lots of rooms with different themes. I read in GTalk that their rate is fifteen thousand pesos (PhP 15,000.00), pricey. But I think it is worth it, the place is awesome.

Here are some pictures from Daphne's blog.

3. Heima Makati -  Although I am not sure they would allow prenup photoshoots in their store, but I think it would also be an ideal venue. I will have to ask them when I go to their store. I think they also have a branch in Cubao Expo. I will drop by and check it out.

Here are some pictures that I saw from the net.

And look! This reminds me of my dad...

4. Intramuros, Manila - Well, since I am going to have my wedding in San Agustin with my reception in either Casa Manila or La Castellana, Itramuros would also be a good venue for a prenup for outdoor shots. There is a minimal fee of two thousand pesos (PhP2,000.00) to be paid to the Intramuros Administration. And then we can pretty much go anywhere in the area for our prenup photoshoot.

5. Siena College Taytay, Rizal - Well, the building does look old school (pun intended). And this is a very memorable place for me and the H2B because this is where we met! 

Well, these are all for now. I am still considering getting another photog to do another prenup for us. I want one in one of the first 3 venues above, and one for the fourth venue. Yes, I am particular for that last one.


My brother mentioned that he has a friend who shoots really mean pictures and we can get him (or is it a her?) and just treat them out for snacks. Not bad, not bad at all! Maybe we can just ask this guy's help and we can help him/her build a portfolio in case he/she plans to open a photog business.

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