Monday, August 13, 2012

On Invitations...

I've been switching to and from themes and as a result I have a number of raw outputs that I want to incorporate in our invitation. But I have narrowed them down to a few of my favorites.

I want to design our own invitation, I want it personalized just like our give-aways. Anyway, I still have lots of time for DIY projects. 2014 is still far away.


Since we have already decided to stick with the pink and silver motif, I tried on a few things to see how it will look. I found this website called with lots of DIY templates you can try out for free. I tried out some of them. Check this out.

This one is my favorite. It kinda reminds me of Harry Potter but with a romantic twist. Very "fairy tale", I think. And with our color of choice, looks pretty whimsical.

I think this one is more befitting for our vintage glam theme but it also has a touch of contemporary on it because of the font used. 

This one is just so pretty, that's why I still tried it out even if it does not fit into the vintage glam theme that I want. It's more of a summer wedding.

This I like as well. Classy. And the colors look good with this kind of design.

I was planning to use this as a sticker, like some kind of logo. I feel it is kinda vintage because of the font used but also contemporary because of the lay out. 

If the H2B and I pursued our High School theme I think this would go perfectly with it. 

Now, if the H2B and I decided to have an outdoor reception, I think this design would be pretty on our envelopes. That is something we have yet to discuss. 

There are so many other designs that I found online but these are my favorites. The dates in the logos are no longer updated since we have decided to move the wedding to February or January, it depends on the available slots that are still in SAC. I am still hoping for the best since it is still early in the preps anyway. 

*Fingers Crossed*

I will change the dates here once it is already confirmed with the church. 

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