Saturday, August 4, 2012

Picture Perfect

I am having quite a challenge in choosing the perfect photography team. There are so many to choose from! And also I am working on a budget. Even if the H2B told me that I can pretty much choose whoever I want I still don't want to spend too much money, you know. And besides, the good ones become expensive when they become famous but once upon a time they were beginners too. Good beginners at that, that's why they become famous eventually. So, I will go look for new talents and get them for my photography team!

Now, if I wanted to just splurge and not mind the damage it will do in the H2B's savings, I would definitely get Metrophoto by Oly Ruiz. But their price is just too high! I mean, I know I would get really good pictures but I don't think I would enjoy it as much knowing I paid two hundred thirty five thousand pesos (PhP 235,000.00) for it. I could already make a down payment for a house for that! But their work is really good. Their rates start at one hundred twenty thousand pesos (PhP 120,000.00), but this is still too high for me.

Here are my shortlisted Photography Teams:

1. Osep and Mimi - I believe these guys are relatively new but they have a lot of good reviews already. I checked out their Facebook page and I really like their work. But I am having second thoughts though because our theme is vintage glam and their work is all very vibrant and colorful. But still, I will be meeting up with them to check out their albums. Their rates are very reasonable, I think of all of the teams who sent in their packages they have the most comprehensive one at the price they are offering. Their complete packages start at thirty thousand pesos (PhP 30,000.00) to sixty thousand pesos (PhP 60,000.00). Not bad, not bad at all.

2. MyPhotato - I like MyPhotata because they can capture the feel and vibe of vintage settings without sacrificing the colors. Although their pictures are not as vibrant as OM but it does not look bland either.  Their wedding photography package is at thirty five thousand pesos (PhP 35,000.00) and the prenup photo shoot is at fifteen thousand pesos (PhP 15,000.00), still a pretty good rate, if you ask me. And I really like their shots. So, I am meeting up with them as well to check out their albums. Same drill.

3. Ruffa and Mike - I actually think that their photos are quite similar to that of Metrophoto. But not as vibrant or as clear, I think. But still really good. The style they have is modern fine art, as indicated in their website. They have very good rates too. So they are in my shortlist as well. Again, same drill! Check out the actual outputs in the albums.

4. The Rocking Duo - The have a hip style in their work. They are tagged as destination photographers in their website. Their shots are nice but I kinda noticed that they don't change locations in their shoots. But maybe that can be worked on. They have good attention to detail. They offer a rate of forty thousand pesos (PhP 40,000.00) for the full photography package. Again, not so bad. And their logo is really cute. *LOL*

There are a lot of other photography teams out there who offer pretty much the same rates but their service is more on traditional shots. So they are out of my list. I want to stick to the hip and modern style of photography even if my theme is vintage. Yeah, I know, weird. But I like it like that. *smiley*

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