Wednesday, August 22, 2012

To The Tune Of...

I sincerely believe that the AVP and SDE songs play a very important role on how well the videos will turn out. That's why we need to make sure that the choice of song befits the mood that we want for our AVP and SDE.

The H2B and I want something upbeat, nothing too cheesy. We want it to look fun and to sound fun. With the help of my iPod playlist and some suggestions from my peers from GTalk, I came up with this list:

1. Sh - Boom by The Chords. This song was played in The Cars Movie when the cars were dancing in Route 66. It's an absolute classic and my top pick for the prenup slideshow. After all, we do have a vintage glam theme.

2. If It's Love by Train. The song is really upbeat and would give the SDE the fun feeling that we want it to have. The lyrics are really nice too. I have a friend who made a surprise slideshow for her hubby using their pictures and she used this song. It was epic!

3. Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows. This song was played in one of the Shrek movies. Again, an upbeat song and gives an element of carefree-ness. 

4. I'm A Believer by Smash Mouth. This is actually the H2B's first choice for the SDE, another song from Shrek. But my brother said it will be very narcissistic of me to agree. But the song is humorous and I love it! 

5. Good Life by One Republic. I really like the introduction of this song. It reminds me of fresh air and a sense of relaxation. Yes, "this has got to be the good life". 

6. Secrets by One Republic. This song was used in the Disney movie the Sorcerer's Apprentice. I also like the first part of this song, kinda whimsical.

7. 1234 by Plain White Ts. This is as cheesy as I want it to be, nothing more cheesier than this please. This is as "love song" as it can get for us. Nice and relaxing even if the word "I love you" is repeated many times in the chorus. Soooo very "love song", but the tune is a little upbeat. So it's included in my shortlisted songs.

8. The First Time by The Script. And the lyric goes "We just now got the feeling that we're meeting for the first time", the tune is upbeat and cool to use for a video but the thing is the lyrics are not all that befitting for a wedding. But the tune is just engaging for me. 

9. Kasama Kang Tumanda by Ogie Alcasid. The H2B is a huge fan of Ogie and Regine. No kidding. My guy loves his OPM. This is actually Ogie's version of the hit song Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler. The tune is the same and the words carry the same meaning as well. 

10. Wala Nang Iba by The Bloomfields. I actually bought their CD when it was released! I was driving to work when I first heard their song played on air. I fell in love with it and the rest is history. 

We will also consult the photo and video teams, of course. We also want to hear what they have to say, after all they are the experts. But if they ask us if we have any suggestions or preferences for our background music for the AVP and SDE, we will be ready with our list. And who knows? As time goes we just might add some other songs here. We still have more than a year to find new songs.

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