Sunday, August 12, 2012

Updated List for P/V

I am getting all confused with who I want as our main photog for the wedding. My list seems to be getting longer!

Updated list:

5. Redscale Studios - Their shots have a vintage feel in it which I think will befit our theme. But despite the old world touch, the element of fun is not lost in their pictures. Plus their rates are awesome! 

6. Raymond Fortun - So many good reviews for Atty. Fortun, not a single negative feedback. His shots are artistic. I sent him an SMS message and I am waiting for his reply regarding his rates. 

7. Bremont Studios - I believe this team is a fairly new, fresh talent. Their pictures are also really nice, I checked their website. I love the shots and creativity that I see in their picx. I saw them in where they were featured. I sent them an SMS as well asking for their rates. 

8. Pictratto - I saw this from GTalk and the other girls have good words to say about this team. I checked out their multiply account and was also impressed with their work. Their rates are also pretty competitive, considerably lower compared to the others out there. 

I plan to get JR Salonga as our back up photographer. His rates are affordable! His work is also impressive but not something I specifically want for our main photog. But I want a back up photographer who has a different perspective from our main photog, that is why I want to get JR Salonga. I hope that if we decide to book him we can look in on his current rates! 

I was also able to find other names for videography teams. Although I am tempted to avail of the last call offer from MyPhotato (80k for p/v), I am still looking for other alternatives that may possibly lower down the cost for p/v. So, here are additional names to our shortlisted teams:

4. Wax Ambata - His name was mentioned many times in GTalk, he is teamed up with She+Him. I also wanted to get these guys for back up but I read that they will no longer offer this service come next year. I read in one of the forums that he can customize his rates depending on your budget. I sent him an SMS asking for his packages and I have yet to receive his email. And a plus for this guy? He is Tomasino! Like me!

5. Bremont Studios - Aside from their rocking pictures, I feel that their SDEs are also good. But as I mentioned above, I am still waiting for their rates. 

I will ask the H2B to check out their work when he gets home so we can narrow down our choices. It is a challenge to look into these things apart. Oh the woes of being an OFW B2B.

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