Saturday, August 4, 2012

Vintage Glam: Church and Reception

I was switching from one theme to another and one color palette to another. I can't seem to decide! Initially I wanted to have a Old World Travel theme. The H2B and I even agreed to have prenup photo shoots in MY and SG. We were also planning on doing one in HK. But in the end we realized the theme does not fit our color palette which is pink and gold. We also realized that pink and gold decors are hard to come by. So we changed to pink and silver instead. 

After a lengthy discussion with the H2B, we decided to stick with the old world feel so we switched to vintage glam. Anyway, I really want to get married at the San Agustin Church and have the reception either in La Castellana or Casa Manila. So the vibe will be accomplished for our chosen theme.

I called San Agustin earlier today and checked for the availability for our wedding date. I was informed that there are no reservations yet for our day. 


The marriage stipend is twenty five thousand pesos (PhP 25,000.00) and to secure the date for our wedding we need to make a down payment of eight thousand pesos (PhP 8,000.00) when we make the booking. The fee includes the wedding mass and ceremony, simple flower arrangements and red carpet. We can still add decorations as long as it's not an arch and no candles, as per church policy. 

San Agustin has a comprehensive list of rules and regulations in their website. But the costs that are indicated there are not updated, though. 

I will do an ocular for the reception venues when I go to San Agustin on Thursday. Here's a list of the places I will visit:

1. La Castellana - They were a featured supplier in the last February 2011. There were some pictures and a brief description of the place. Their packages start from one hundred ninety seven thousand pesos (PhP 197,000.00) to two hundred seventy three thousand pesos (PhP 273,000.00), their rates vary depending on the day of the week. It is cheaper during weekdays. These rates are good for four hours and already has a lot of inclusions like the caterer, photobooth, sound system or string quartet, on the day coordination, hosting, mobile bar and overnight hotel accommodation. Their accredited caterers are Hizon's, Illustrado, VS&F and Josiah's. Their reservation fee is twenty thousand pesos (PhP 20,000.00) which is non-refundable. So I better make sure I make up my mind before making a down payment. If I want to bring my caterers I can do that too. I will just rent the venue but I think it is too costly. It starts from sixty five thousand pesos (PhP 65,000.00) to eighty thousand pesos (PhP 80,000.00), again, depending on the day of your wedding. They also charge 20% of the catering fee if you bring outside caterers. I already contacted Illustrado and Hizon's asking for their packages but I haven't received any email from them yet.

2. Casa Manila - I am considering 2 locations in Casa Manila, the Teatrillo and the Casa Blanca. Both are at seventeen thousand pesos (PhP 17,000.00) and a 50% down payment is required once I book the venue. Their caterer's fee is only 10%, lower compared to La Castellana. The place, however, is pretty old. La Castellana is fairly new so the structure looks vintage but it is actually not that old. I would have to see the place and get the feel of it so I can decide which one I like better. Good thing about Casa Manila is that it's budget friendly and I can bring my own caterer with less hassle. 

Here are the contact details for La Castellana and Casa Manila:

La Castellana
986-2691 or 5271848
(0922) 8431203 and (0922) 8623003 

Casa Manila
527-4048 or 527-4088

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