Friday, August 17, 2012

What Gives?

I can't make up my mind on what kind of give away I want for our wedding. I've always liked the idea of something edible as a give away because I don't want something that will just gather dust somewhere. But I also want the "something edible" to be stored in something nice. I don't like cupcakes, I want chocolates or candies.

I am also thinking of getting a photobooth but I don't want just printouts on cardboard paper. I want it to be printed in magnets. I found this photobooth, Clip Photobooth, recommended by GTalkers. They have exactly what I want! The package is called Magnets Plus + Unlimited 4x4" Sized Photo Magnets with Swatch type guest book. It's 9k for 2 hours, 11k for 3 hours and 12,800k for 4 hours. I included an entry in the excel sheet (OC, I know) of our wedding costs and expenses and we didn't go over our budget! I still need to talk to H2B about it and I hope he says yes.

But aside from the photobooth I still want to push through with my initial plans for our wedding give away. I wanted to buy bottles from Tabora in Divi. You know, the one with cork covers. And then I will fill them up with pink M&Ms. I know there is this shop in Cash and Carry Makati selling single colored M&Ms. But I am thinking if this is too expensive I can buy the foil covered chocolate balls from the Chocolate Lovers, but I am worried guests won't eat it.

One brilliant Gtalker suggested coffee beans instead of chocolate. And I love this idea! The H2B is from Batangas, home of the Kapeng Barako! So I think this will still be fitting, right??? I can just fill up a bottle with something that would be enough for one brew, and if they decide not to use it I don't think ants would go crawling over the bottles for coffee, right? I will tell the H2B about it tonight and see how reacts to it.

Anway, here is a sample I found on the net of the give away that I want.

It has that vintage feel, don't you think? I will just have to think of something to incorporate the glam part. 


Those bottles cost around 8 pesos from Divi, if I remember correctly. And they are around 4 to 5 inches tall. I will just design a label to achieve the vintage glam theme or something.

The H2B and I will go to Divi when he gets home on September 1 to 9. That is soooo Coming Soon already! I am ecstatic! We will finally get to meet the photog and video shortlists so we can finalize who we want to sign up with and make a down payment to lock in on them for our wedding day. We will also finally got to San Agustin and book our date. 

When I get to Divi we will canvas the cost of these bottles and place our order for 220. Yeah, I know we only have 2 hundred guests. But it is always better to have extra, you know. 

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