Monday, August 6, 2012

What Will The Bride Wear?

I have been contemplating where I should get my gown. Or rather, who should make it. The gown that I want can be described in one word: VELUZ. I was looking through some forums to have an idea of her rates, I saw in the latest forum her rates start at ninety thousand pesos (Php 90,000.00) and I was like, "whoa!". But the H2B saw how much I wanted this and he said yes. So off I went to contact Veluz to check her rates, personally. Well, she replied saying her gowns start at one hundred forty pesos (Php 140,000.00) and that is like 1/4 more of the original price I saw in the forum! Even if the H2B said I can still go ahead and have my gown designed by Veluz, I decided not to pursue it. Instead, I searched for fresh new talents, just like I did with my P/V.

I stumbled on another forum where I found good reviews about Mel Orlina and Boy Kastner Santos. There are other names that popped up like Ammon Velsasco, Jeff Albea, Merlene Marcelo, Vangie Suva, to name a few. But from checking out their works and feedback, my choices narrowed down to Mel and Boy.

I sent an FB Message to Mel and she sent me her pricelist. Her rates start from 40k to 60k for church wedding gowns. In her FB page I checked out her designs and they were pretty amazing! She even created a gown that was similar to the one I want! So she is on the top of my list. I already sent her the design that I want but no feedback yet.

I also contacted Boy via FB. His rates start at 35k and he asked me for the specific design that I wanted to he can quote me a more accurate amount. I already sent him my reply but he has yet to respond to it.

I plan to meet them both when the H2B is in Manila. And then we will decide who we will book for my wedding gown.

Here is the design that I want:

My other option is this one:

But I want the back to be the same as the first set. I want the gown to be really detailed, beaded and all. Never mind that it's heavy.


This is promising as well. Love the details!

I am really excited to hear back from Mel and Boy about my gown so I would know how much it would be. And then the H2B and I will set up a meeting on September so I can gauge who will give me the "this is it" feeling.


And I already bought the perfect shoes by Kate Spade!!! I got it off for a steal! I think I am going to faint.

Well, I hope I won't find another "perfect" shoes. Or else, I fear I might end up with a little more than what I need.


Although, I am still on the look out for flat sandals which I plan to change into when my feet get tired from wearing heels. Something that will still go with the look. No luck in finding that yet. I also found the perfect bag in, another Kate Spade creation. But that is still under review.

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