Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Short Note of Panic

Oh My God... I just texted Aisle1401 confirming with them that we are booking them for our big day. And they replied saying they would need to check our date because February 2014 apparently is a busy month! I am freaked out! I hope and pray they do not have a booking yet for our date. I am going mad with worry! I keep pacing back and forth waiting for their message hoping it bears good news. And here I thought it was still pretty early to book suppliers that's why I was still relaxed. And now...

*deep breathing*

"Ok, girl, relax... Lest you hyperventilate or have a heart attack."

And to think I just spoke to them 2 weeks ago or so for our first meeting. I can't believe someone would snag our date so soon! I AM PANICKING!!!

*Pacing back and forth*

*Sits down*

"Ok, girl. Relax... Listen to soothing music..."

The Chinay Toursiter now listening to:

On Repeat

I need to freaking calm down.

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