Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Take A Seat Please!

It's in the small details that makes the wedding extra special. My mom is such a skeptic. She is scolding me for planning all the small things, including the escort cards.

I was browsing through the web, checking out what other people did. There were a few notable ones that got my attention.

This here is my favorite. I think it's classy and sassy. But where to get these diamantes? I have no clue.

This matches our vintage theme to a tee! I can probably get these from eBay.com or aliexpress.com for a low price. And then I can just cut out paper card boards and ask my sister to write the names of the guests, calligraphy style. She's good at that.

The H2B and I liked this one too. But we were contemplating on how much it would be for all the guests. It would be like giving another set of give-aways! We will already have a Photobooth (courtesy of the FMIL), the Candy Buffet of BonBon Taffy who will be providing personalized candy bags, and there is the actual give-away we are planning. So scarp this one. But it's cute, though.

I like this one because it's very simple yet modern. But wait, why am I looking for modern? Our theme is vintage glam, for crying our loud! Neeeexxxxttt!!!

Ah, but this one has a special place in our hearts. Ferrero Rocher was the first ever chocolate the H2B gave me when we were still in the courting stage way back in high school! And we are now in our 30s! But these babies will cost us a fortune. So, as much as we love this concept, it's out.

I figured, since we already have a cocktails-slash-candy buffet, we can give the guests something to drink too while waiting for us! And what better way to present this than by giving beverage escort cards! But this will have to be coordinated with the caterer. We can replace this with mineral water instead and just have print outs to achieve the look we want. So we can still consider this.

What are these, you ask? These, my friends, are Dunkin Donut Munchkins. The H2B proudly presented his idea that instead of using the Ferrero Rocher's why not use Butternut Munchkins? They also have just about the same meaning in our lives anyway. You see, when we were teenagers the H2B, being all high end and stuff, did not know donuts existed. And me, being the mall rat that I am, always had a bite of this high calorie snack. Hence, his first love affair with donuts courtesy of yours truly.

And that about sums up my escort card brainstorming for the day. The wedding being still in 2014, these can still change. But I am already half sold in ordering these munchkins for the big event. We can include a "Did You Know" board when they get their escort cards. Cute, ingenious. I love it!

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