Friday, September 21, 2012

The Rants of a Budget Conscious Bride

The H2B gave a specific budget for our wedding and sad to say I can't seem to stay inside this amount. As of this writing I am already Php 38,040 over the budget. And we all know that this will balloon even further once the date nears. We will probably go way above our target budget.

I've been going over and over the excel file of costs and expenses and I can't seem to remove any of those! I mean, I can honestly say that I did not choose or book any expensive suppliers. I always went for the reasonable priced ones that are still good. Some would say that these teams are mid range. So what is the deal??

The only thing I can see that can be a source of cost cutting is my gown. I seriously want to get Mel Orlina so that I will have peace of mind that everything will go smoothly and the design will be, for sure, to my liking. I stalk her Facebook account everyday and I really love her work. Initially I wanted to get someone from Divi but I realized, like what the future MIL said, I will always worry if my design will be executed the way it should be. In the end I was convinced. I am also thinking of getting Amonn Velasco who quoted a lower rate for my gown. A total of 27k difference from what Mel quoted. I know they are both very good designers. But the location of Mel's shop is better for me and I just plain enjoyed talking to her the first time we met. 

I am also confused about who to book for P/V. Initially we wanted to get Redscale but their recent works did not impress us and the future MIL. So I am on the look out for an alternative Photography Team. I like JR Salonga but he has yet to impress the H2B and the future MIL. I also have my eye on MyPhotato since they have an ongoing promo of 80k for P/V plus I like their style. But I am also torn between getting Aisle1401 because their work is also good and they have a good package. I also like the works of Randolf Evan and J. Lucas Reyes. Randolf Evan's rate is 40k for the prenup and wedding coverage. I am still waiting for the reply of J. Lucas Reyes. 

I am in a hurry to book our P/V because I really want to lock in on the current rates. We all know that P/V teams get more price hikes more often compared to the rest of the teams in the wedding industry. That's why I am all panicked in booking them. Right now!!

*puff, puff, puff... Deep breathing... Calm down...*

I have accepted the fact that caterers will not allow a price lock as early as now. There are still a lot of things that can happen until 2014. But I already have my eye on Verleo, especially now that they are also styling their events. They need to improve their services if they want to keep up with the ever changing market! 

We initially wanted to get Casa Manila as our venue. But I realized it costs too much if we add the 10% catering fee. So now, I am thinking of getting another venue that does not charge a catering fee. I am sure they will also charge us to put drapes and for additional lighting and all that. So it would be best to look for another venue, I think. I am thinking of getting the Ramon Magsaysay Center Hall because it also fits 200 heads. But the H2B wants the venue to be inside Intramuros and it has to be indoors. So there's the challenge in that.

Another problem I have is the headcount. I am already at 150!! And we are only supposed to have 200!!! I can't expect to ask the H2B to narrow down his headcount to 50, considering he is going to pay for this wedding.


So I am still finding ways to taper down that number. I have to!!

Decisions, decisions. So many to make. I am glad that I still get to talk to the H2B in cyberspace and hear what he has to say. If I were to think about this all on my own I will go crazy! 

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