Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vintage Apparel

Since I am gearing towards a vintage themed prenup photo shoot, I came up with some wardrobe items that will fit the theme. I am looking for at least three dresses per photo shoot. And since we have 3 prenup pictorials, that would mean I would need 9! Boy, my mom's seamstress will have a heart attack. I am not sure if it's for joy or pressure.


So, let's take a look at what we have here.

Among all the pegs that we looked at, the H2B and I loved this one. It's made of appliques, I think. Kinda similar to what Mel had in her shop before. This picture below is from Mel's FB account.

I love, love the 2nd dress from the left. So maybe I can have her make me one of those sweethearts.

Next on my list is this lacey number. Nothing spells VINTAGE like lace. I think this would look nice in... Intramuros? Not Heima, definitely. Nostalgia maybe?

Candidate number 3 is this flappy vintage dress. Perfect for Heima, I think. And also okay for Nostalgia. Definitely not for Intramuros. The H2B specifically liked the grey one while I preferred the light green dress in the left. 

Next we have this floral Kennedy-ish dress. Perfect for Heima too, I think. The color combination with their furniture would be rad! 

Another Heima dress, I think. But I am careful not to congest my Heima shoot with too many floral designs. Maybe I should use this for Nostalgia, yes? Or Intramuros?

Oooohhh... I love this Karen Millen dress! I just love appliques! I prefer the black version. And I think it will look nice in my Intramuros shot. Classy-sassy. 

And check out the back details! Sexy without being slutty, I think. Formal yet informal at the same time. Yeah, I sound confused. Ok, next!!!

Another Kennedy-ish Vintage-ish dress, not the left one, ok. The right one only. For... Intramuros, I think. But it can also be for Nostalgia. 

I think this would be a perfect Heima ensemble. The color is fab and I can wear shorts! Very Pin-up!

Speaking of Pin-Up girls. This is the very epitome of pin-up, I think. Intramuros, do you think? Nah! Maybe Nostalgia? But I have too many Nostalgia dresses already!

How's this for an Intramuros outfit. Perfect, right? But I am worried something like this will cost me a fortune. Like, wedding gown fortune!

Another Intramuros get up can be this black floral dress. Looks girly but kinda serious because it's black. I just think that for Intramuros it has to be something serious, you know?

What about this one? Vintage preppy. I think this can be pretty flexible. It can be used for either of the locations that we want. Not too serious but not too casual. And I have lots of those satchels.

Can a hippy-slash-boho look fit into Intramuros? Maybe! Nostalgia? Maybe! Heima? I'm not too sure.

I really think semi-gowns are to be used in Intramuros. Like these two here. My only worry is that it will be too expensive for something like this made. And I won't be able to wear it for a long time because people will remember it from my prenup photos! Shallow, I know. LOL

And last, but definitely not the least, these 50's Rock-a-billy dresses. Can this be considered pin-up too? It doesn't seem too revealing and my idea of the pin-up girl thing is that it should lots of flesh. Can I wear this to Intramuros do you think?

Well, that's all for now. And like many things in life, these may still change, with the prenup photo shoots still eons away. And also with my lifestyle-change-slash-diet still in the beginners phase, I am not even sure if I will look good in these dresses. But I am optimistic! I can do this! 

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