Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wedding Updates as of September 9, 2012

The BF arrived in PH last September 1. Even before he was home I already scheduled meetings with prospective suppliers. I had to cram all the meet ups in one week since he is scheduled to leave after a week.

So far, from all our meet ups here are the notables ones:

1. Mel was my top choice for my wedding gown. I always stalk her facebook account and I love her work. The price she quoted me for my gown was also within the budget. We went to her shop and we really enjoyed talking to her. She was "simple pero rock". I loved her even more.

2. Tito Boy was not what I expected, physically. I already saw his face in pictures but I did not anticipate his height and built. He is a huge guy! But really easy to talk to and was generous with his ideas. He's pretty cool and had lots of suggestions. But one very considerable challenge was his shop location which is in Cavite. So not accessible for me.

3. Ate Vangie was very down to earth and amiable. She gave me a very low quote for the peg that I want and even said to meet again before I make my final decision so I can see the materials that we can use for my gown. She assured me that she can make the gown design that I like without any problem. The BF and I visited her shop in Divi without her knowing and saw some of her works. They were simple gowns so I was worried she would not be able to do the design that I want. But with all the positive comments and feedback about her, my hopes are up. Plus, if I book her it will be such a big saving for the BF and me!

4. Anna and John of Aisle1401 is a cool couple. John was quiet and seems serious. Anna did most of the talking. I explained to her that the reason we are meeting up with our prospective suppliers for Video is because we want to get the feel of the people we will probably work with. The BF and I are both camera shy and we want to make sure that we will be comfortable with the team before we sign up. But of course, we already checked their works and loved it. And we loved the couple, they were a no nonsense pair.

5. CJ and Ria of Redscale were fun, fun, fun. We loved talking to them and we were at ease right away   even before we got to the discussions about their packages. Their albums were very classy and well made. Their pictures, even more so. The BF even conversed with them which is so out of the ordinary, he is so quiet all the time! They are that easy to deal with!

6. We finally booked San Agustin Church on September 5, Wednesday. It was amazing how the date was almost fully booked despite of the fact that it is still for 2014! We were worried at first because the date that was assigned by the temple was a Sunday but thank God San Agustin was accepting Sunday weddings! I was ecstatic.

7. We checked out Casa Manila and I sincerely liked Teatrillo. The problem, though, is that the walk way leading down was bad luck for Chinese so I am sure my family will not approve of this venue. I was saddened with this thought because I found it really cool. But there are some things that are not meant to be. We also checked out Casa Blanca and the H2B liked it better. The stairway leading up was grand in it's own rustic way. The venue was pretty with vintage chandeliers. The hallway can be used for the buffet tables so that the inside will not be cramped. But they were not yet accepting 2014 bookings so that will have to wait. And maybe, we might find another venue that we will like better. But so far, Casa Manila is at the top of our list.

8. We were able to catch up with Anne Michelle's promo for HMUA for 2014 brides! Yipee! We already made the full payment and our date is now reserved. She gave us very reasonable rates and her work is excellent. I can't wait for my trial make-up!

9. We came to the conclusion that his parents were not very enthusiastic with having coffee beans as our give away. So we have talked it over and decided we can go back to chocolates. The BF's dad, though, liked my idea of the Tsokolate Batirol thing that I did a few Christmases ago. I will scout the teapot and tea cups in Divi when I go back there some other time to do some costing.

10. I found Lucky Charmz Clay Accessories from the thread in GTalk about give aways and fell in love with their products right away. I especially loved their chibi for the entourage! It will be the perfect gift, I think. Very personalized and oh-so-cute! I also liked their cake toppers. The prices were all very reasonable. The BF liked the items too!

These are all for now. I have stopped working on my DIY projects in the meantime since the BF's dad offered to help. I will explain the idea to him first and show him the tutorial I bought off the net. My first works were all dismal, I think. Very kindergarten-ish.

The BF and I will make our down payment for Aisle1401 and Redscale next month. We booked the church and HMUA this month first and met with the others. I still can't decide who to book for my wedding gown but I am inclined to get Ate Vangie. But I have to convince the family first that she can deliver. That being said, I will schedule another meet up with her when she is about to deliver a gown and show it to the future MIL for approval. If she gives the go signal, then I will make the down payment. But my first love is still Mel. Pish-posh...

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