Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Candy Buffet: Check!

I've been seeing all the raves about Bonbon Taffy from the other girls from GTalk so I decided to check them out. I saw a sample of their set up in their Facebook Account and liked them immediately. So I sent them a message asking for their rates.

Chelley is very nice and easy to talk to. We discovered that we both went to the same high school. What a small world! Their packages are all very reasonable and the fact that we are of the same schools sealed the deal for me.

*Love your own! School Spirit! Yeah!*

I was so happy that she allowed us to make a down payment as early as now to lock in on their rates! They have 2 kinds of packages: Bonbon and Taffy. Bonbon consists of local goods while Taffy is a mix of local and imported goodies. Here is what the package includes:

I especially love the fact that there would be candy-assistants included in the package! At least that way the consumption will still be controlled somehow. 


I wanted to have a candy buffet slash cocktails buffet since we all know that the reception would not start right away. The H2B and I will still have some pictorials and retouch session before we go to the reception. But I don't want the guests going hungry. At least while the guests are waiting they can munch on something. They can also watch our prenup AVP and prenup video to keep them entertained. I also plan to have some bottled mineral water with personalized labels to go with the candy buffet so they have something to drink as well. Most probably we will also have a photo booth beside the candy buffet so they can have their pictures taken while waiting. But I don't have a photobooth yet and that belongs to another post, anyway.

Due to the numerous raves about Bonbon Taffy my excitement is doubled! I can't wait to see our candy buffet on the big day! 

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