Sunday, October 7, 2012

La Castellana

As promised in my previous entry about my experience with the Hizon's Grand Food Tasting at La Castellana, here is my review about the venue.

The parking was the first thing that got our attention, or shall I say the lack of it. We had to park at the street in front. The venue in front, Villa Blanca, was closed for the day. What if there would also be an event on our wedding day there? Where do the guests park?

We went inside the venue with this question in mind. And we were able to ask the AE about this, she assured us that we can park on the streets and there would be marshals who will watch the cars for us. The marshals would also be the Tanods.

Here is the entrance, I took a picture right away upon getting off the car. *excited*

Upon entering La Castellana

The cocktails area

I love the giant mirror on the entrance

The stairway going to the bridal suite

Bridal lounge

The Bridal Suite

The Washroom

The Bed Chamber

The Veranda where we can also have cocktails

My overall rating of the place: I love it! We are so booking La Castellana. We are just finalizing if we are getting just the venue or if we will get the package. But it's sure already, we are getting La  Castellana! Yipeee!! .

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