Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photographer: Check!

We initially wanted to sign up with a different photography team because the H2B had a love at first sight kind of thing with their work. But after seeing their new work even the H2B's parents were not impressed. They wanted to get someone else.

We first wanted to get the package of Myphotato for 80k. It was just a promo rate before their increase. But they were could not do a meet up and I had to go to their office during weekdays. It was a challenge for me since I didn't have my car back yet so that would mean I would need to commute to get there. The H2B did not like that, neither did I. And then the freenup photos of one of the B2B from GTalk was published. I showed this to the H2B and the FILs and they loved it right away. I was still pushing on getting JR as well for back up and another prenup, though. I like his style and I like the guy. So if I can't have them as the primary photog I will get them as back up. And maybe for a post-nup photo shoot.


We booked NYOI today. Nikki sent us the contract via email, I signed it already and will send it back to her after I scan it. We got them at their introductory rates! We are lucky to have availed of this. Here is what the package includes:

We haven't set a date for the prenup photo shoot yet since I still need to get the schedule from H2B on when he can come home. 

NYOI was nice enough to include an AVP of the prenup shots and also of the preparation pictures for us so we can show it on the reception. We will just conceptualize so we can have everything right. 

I want to have 3 prenup pictorials so I am still thinking of finding another photo team. Do not get me wrong, I have no trust issues with NYOI and JR. It's just that I want different perspectives and styles per prenup photo shoot. That is why I am sourcing for another photo team with a different approach in their art. 

I also got a prenup stylist who will help us with the conceptualization. But that belongs to another post.

*wink wink*

I am so excited for all this! 

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