Thursday, October 11, 2012

Prenup Stylist: Check!

I have always been curious about what a prenup stylist does. I was reading through a thread in Gtalk and slowly understood what their importance is, especially for newbs like me and the H2B. We are both camera shy and is awkward on what we should do during pictorials.

I was talking to Nikki of NYOI and she said that it was nice to have a prenup stylist, although not a necessity. She told me what they do and what their benefit is. After that, I was convinced to get one.

There are several names coming up for prenup stylist: Rabbit Hole Creative, Lifestyle by Feliz, Aira Franco. I checked on all these people. And with the help of the reviews and outputs from B2Bs in GTalk, I was able to narrow down on Aira Franco. I asked her for her rates way back in August but was not able to follow through due to all the events in my life.

We have finally agreed on the package that I will be getting. Since I will be having 2 prenup photo shoots, Aira gave me a discount for the second one.


She already sent me the contract via email, I just need to print it out, sign it, scan it, then send it back to her. Since we do not have a date yet for our prenup shoot, she only asked for a 30% down payment to lock in on her rates. She is such a nice lady.

Here is what I got with Aira.

I will have this kind of package for both my prenups. In case we decide to get a third prenup photo shoot I will check how much it would be. 

I am confident I made the right choice, I can't wait to give her my ideas for my prenup shoot and hear what she has to say. I hope she doesn't think I am too weird.


I still don't have any idea on where to have the shoot for the concept I have in mind but the vintage prenup will probably be in Nostalgia. I heard bad reviews about Heima so I am having second thoughts about this. Anyway, we still have time to think about this. 

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