Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shortlisted Caterers

The H2B really wants to book La Castellana. We had our heart set on getting Verleo as our caterer at first. But then, we were sad that they did not allow us to lock in their rates if we book early. We also felt that their styling might not be enough to spruce up the place. Although La Castellana does not really need a whole lot of sprucing up, but the tables do, and the couple's area. And the presidential table. We are also not happy about the fact that they charge a premium to decorate the place. So I searched for other caterers who includes the venue styling with their rates.

Here are my shortlisted caterers:

1. Passion Cooks. I've read nothing but good things for Maja Martinez, the contact person for PC. No bad comments for the food, the people, and the decors. I browsed through the net and I have to agree, their styling is superb! I sent Maja an email and she is very accommodating. Their rates start at PhP 880.00 per head plus 10% Service Charge and 12% VAT. Here is what they are offering:

1 Salad
1 Soup
1 Heavy Appetizer
1 Chicken Dish
1 Beef or Pork Dish
1 Seafood Dish
1 Pasta Dish
3 Desserts
2 Refreshments

This would already include the venue styling like the backdrop with drapes, themed decors, couch for the couple, tiffany chairs for the VIPs, a 3ft. croquembouche (500-520 cream puffs which can be served to the guests), a cluster of mini cream puffs for the cake cutting, a bottle of sparkling wine, a pair of doves in an elegant cage, a long almond beige carpet for the aisle, cocktails, welcome drinks of free flowing lemon iced tea, 10 crew meals, personalized linen, themed paper materials like menu, place cards, etc. Free flowing beverage which can be soft drinks or juice,coffee and tea station, purified drinking water and ice for the drinks.

It's got everything! They are my top choice. But I am sad that they also do not offer price locks. I am still in discussion with Maja and just about pleading with her if she can allow price lock since we are booking early. I haven't heard back from her yet.

2. Purple Dish. The tie up between Chef Velmor and Gids Hermosa is enough for me to put this company among the top of my list. Chef Velmor serves absolutely delightful dishes and Gids Hermosa is a phenomenal event stylist. This tie up means that you can sleep peacefully knowing your reception is in good hands. I haven't seen a lot of weddings catered by them but I have seen a lot of weddings styled by Gids Hermosa. Their rate starts at PhP 790.00 and take note, they do not charge SC, they also have crew meal and kiddie meal!

Here is what they are offering:

1 Amuse-bouche
4 Cocktail Hour
4 Main Entree (Combination of beef, chicken, pork, fish, veggies, depends on your menu of choice)
1 Pasta Dish
Desert Buffet Station (8 choices)
Cucumber Water
Lemon or Red Iced Tea
Freshly Brewed Barako Coffee and Hot Tea

Chef Velmor offers food tasting at his resto in Cucina ni Chef during weekdays. That is where he holds the meetings as well with the couple and Gids. He is also open to customizing the menu depending on the couple's preference and budget.

3. Richgold Catering. This is a fairly new name in the industry. But boy, they are truly promising. For PhP 777.00 plus 10% SC, they have a lot to offer their customers. They also have competitive venue styling skills based on the pictures I saw. They offer free food tasting for 4 heads in Oasis and in their office in QC. And what's more? They allow price lock with a low reservation fee of 5k! OMG!

For the price I mentioned, here are the inclusions.

4 Appetizers
1 Salad Bar with 2 dressings
1 Soup
1 Pasta Bar (two noodle types and 2 kinds of sauce)
4 Main Entree (beef, chicken, pork and fish)
1 Veggie Dish
5 Desserts

Overnight stay at the Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel
Bridal car (Benz E220 with driver, flowers and fuel for 3 hours)
Photobooth for 2 hours
Mobile bar for 50 pax
3 layer fondant cake or 100 cupcakes with a 6 inch cutting cake

Or, you can give up all the other freebies for the use of their ghost chairs. Well, for me, I like those chairs, but I like the freebies better! *LOL*

We also conidered K by Cunanan but they were priced like PC and their offering was less than what PC can give, so we took them out of the list.

I am scheduled for a food tasting session with Richgold this Saturday in Osasis Manila. I will make sure to take pictures and share my thoughts on their food and mock set up!


  1. Hi! just want to know why you didn't take up Hyatt's offers? i need to know why i'm venue hunting hehehe... thanks!!

  2. Hello, Tienan Gabaldon. I made a comparison of Hyatt's and Diamond's offer in this entry:

    But my major reasons are the following:
    1. Hyatt's area didn't have ample parking space.
    2. The bridal car included in Diamond Hotel's package is better.
    3. The Diamond Ballroom will be given to us as a whole even if we will only have 200 heads unlike Hyatt's which will have a partition to separate rooms.
    4. Diamond Hotel has a grand staircase, and Hyatt doesn't (crucial for photo opps purposes, IMO).
    5. The ballroom is just on the ground floor, unlike with Hyatt's where people would need to take the elevator which might take time since elevators can only fit a certain number of people per transfer and there were only 2.

    Hope this helps! :)