Thursday, October 18, 2012

Trial Make-Up With Berny Tia

A lot of the B2Bs in Gtalk were raving about how nice and good Ms. Berny Tia is. I have been trying to set a TMU with her but she has a very busy schedule. So I am very lucky and super happy to finally have a session with her.

We agreed to do it at 1pm earlier today at her studio in Cityland Megaplaza. Upon opening the door, I already had a good feeling about her. I liked her right away. She also had her husband with her who took pictures of the stages of my makeover.

She asked me what my theme is and what look I wanted. I really wanted to have a fresh, barely there, look. She also asked if there were any specific hairstyles that I wanted. Good thing I still had the pictures in my phone so I was able to show it to her.

The official pictures are still with Sir Dojo but they said they will send it to me. But I had my camera with me so I took a picture of myself inside the cab going to the office.

When I got to the office, no one was talking to me until I asked someone about our meeting in a few minutes. OMG they did not recognize me! Everyone loved my hair and make up. They said I should be wearing a princess gown or something.


I decided to remove the hairpins and bring my hair down. I felt that the hairstyle as a little too formal for office. Ms. Berny removed some of my eye make up so it was a bit lighter. Although to be honest, I was surprised to see that heavy eye make up looks good on me. She has magical powers to make me look good in heavy eye make up!

Here I am, cam-whoring at the office after our meeting. 

This is actually the hairstyle that I want for my wedding. Side swept, with a feather and rhinestone fascinator. Like this:

Fits, my vingatge glam theme, don't you think?

I have yet to show the H2B my make up. I hope he likes it! 

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