Sunday, October 14, 2012

Venue Hunt: Patio De Manila

I've been reading about Patio De Manila in Gtalk, a new venue in Manila with affordable rates. The rental cost is 12k plus 2k for electricity use for sounds and lights. I got really curious so we looked for it. Together with the FMIL and FFIL, we scoured M.H. Del Pilar. It was already our third time to go around but we could not find it. Finally, we decided to call the contact person. We were advised that we need to go in front of Max's near Malate Church. There was a small entrance between Max's and MJ Cafe, and that's where the venue is.

Front Facade

Parking area at the side of the venue

Inside the venue

Buffet set up at the side

The ceiling

Set up by the caterer

The FMIL and FFIL was not impressed. So was I. I was disappointed, actually. The ceilings were too low, and the floor appeared like plain cement because of the color. When we arrived, the place was being set up for a party, there was also a stage and a setting for 100 heads. The owner said the place can accommodate 200 heads but I sincerely doubt that. The setting for 100 heads looked just about right. If we put in additional 5 tables for 50 more heads, it would already be a back to back scenario. It was also a little too warm but the aircon was probably not turned on yet. 

I am thinking that with a really good stylist, the place can be transformed. But I didn't want too much styling. I want a place where we do not need too much styling anymore because we prefer to spend on other things like the food and our wedding rings. 

So, Patio De Manila is out of our list. Sad...


  1. hi there! just thinking if you still have the contact number of patio de manila? considering this as a venue for my daughter's 1st bday. TIA! :)

    1. Hello, Mary Ann! Here is the contact number for Patio De Manila: 09285027500. Hopefully they haven't changed numbers yet or something. :)