Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Videographer: Check!

The H2B and I met 3 videographers and we had the "this is it" feeling with John and Anna of Aisle1401.

Anna sent me the contract via email, signed from their end. I then printed the document and filled out the necessary details, scanned it and sent it to them via email too.

It was stated in the document that the date can only be reserved for me until Friday that week, until such time that I have made my deposit. And I was panicking because my schedule for that week will not permit me to get to the bank on time in order to make the deposit! It is a good thing that Anna was really easy to talk to and I was finally able to make the down payment Saturday, October 6th. Here is what we booked with Aisle1401:

This first part are I think extras that are nice to have for us. In the olden times (yes, olden times talaga, LOL) there were nothing like these. For me, this makes the event extra special!

This for me is essential, the coverage for the entire wedding. I am happy that it already includes cinematic event highlights. We just need to have the perfect song! That's where the optional half day concept shoot will come in. *wink wink*

I am excited to get started with all these projects but the challenge would be is that the H2B is based abroad so we will probably have to work around the schedules on when he can come home.

I have heard so many good things from B2Bs from Gtalk about their pre-prod meetings with the team and they said it was a tiring but fun activity. They also had assignments for the couple! I am so freaking excited for all this!

I am still tempted to sign up for their Mini-Series but due to budget constraints I might have to forgo that. But let's see!


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