Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bouquet Pegs

I am an anti-fresh flower when it comes to bouquets. The prices are just too damn ridiculous for something that will be gone and wilted the next day. So, in keeping with my rebellious wedding ideas, I have decided to use felt flowers and feathers for my bouquet.

Initially, I wanted to make it myself. But after so many tries and burnt fingers later, I realized I am not getting too far with my DIY bouquet. And I didn't want it to end up like some failed Home Economics Project on my big day.


It is a good thing that I met another B2B in GTalk who is an absolute genius when it comes to making felt bouquets. She has already created quite a number of bouquets for other GTalkers and she just keeps getting better! You can check out her works here

At first, I was thinking of an ivory and metallic bouquet, like this:

But instead of the gold details I wanted those in silver instead. But I felt the bouquet might seem a bit... I don't know the right term... Cold, maybe? Unfeeling? Stoic? 

I am also considering going all white and ivory for the colors. All feathers and ivory felt roses. I want it to be majority in feathers, like this:

I am also attracted to going pastel and pink. Maybe for the entourage perhaps? Or maybe for my own to... I am thinking, entourage bouquets are just smaller versions of the bride's, right?

I totally love this one. The pastel pink and lilacs are just so feminine and pretty, don't you think?

The play of colors for this bouquet is just so cute. But I am thinking if this would fit for my color palette of varying shades of pink... Ummmm... No, not really.

This color combination might be more befitting for my motif. All very chic and girly. 

What color is this? Baby pink, is it? I'd prefer for it to be a different shade of pink but I especially like the smaller flowers mixed in with the bunch.

I like these colors too. I am thinking if it would be nice to have different kinds of felt flowers or do I just stick to roses? I will have to check with Sis czy... 

Going all pink is nice too. Still, with feathers, of course. I am so attracted to feathers!

I still have time to decide on which of these would look perfect for my big day. But I definitely want them in felt flowers and feathers. I am sticking to that idea. 

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