Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bridal Emergency Kit

I was reading through the and saw this article called Checklist for Your Maid of Honor. In my case, it will be my Matron of Honor. Now, this article showed the things that the MOH is responsible for and it included carrying the Bridal Emergency Kit. And I was thinking fire extinguishers and "break glass for emergency" kind of stuff.


So I asked my good friend Google on what this Bridal Emergency Kit could be. And as in most cases that I consulted Google, I have been enlightened. So here I am listing down my own Bridal Emergency Kit "ingredients". And besides, this gives me another excuse to go shopping in Kate Spade. This set will cost me around 15k before shipping... Yeah, I know, I know. Impractical. But I have always been a Kate Spade fanatic. You know that!

Kate Spade Wedding Belles Bon Shopper 

Kate Spade Wedding Belles Bon Shopper 

And I so love the interior of this bag!
Kate Spade Wedding Belles Gia
Kate Spade Wedding Belles Henrietta

Or maybe I can DIY something... Anyway, I still have time to plan it and think about it.

Now, let's get to the contents of my Bridal Emergency Kit:

1. Advil. I am prone to surprise headaches when I get stressed or when there is too much noise. Or just plain migraine attack. So this is a must for my big day.

2. Imodium. I have a sensitive digestive system and it reacts fast when I eat something that does not agree with it. And I don't want to be all uncomfortable on my big day! So I need to make sure I have a quick fix for that. And Imodium does that for me.

3. Wet Wipes and Facial Tissue. I just know I will get all teary eyed on my wedding day. Heck, I get teary eyed in any wedding! What more on my own! So to avoid any make-up tragedies of running eyeliners and the sort I need to make sure I have trusty wet wipes with me. Although, my HMUA said the make-up that she will do for me is water proof, but we can't be too cautious.

4. Band aids. Since it will be the first time that I will be using my Kate Spade Evie during the wedding day, I still do not know if I will have blistered toes and feet. But better be prepared. Although, I plan to have a change of footwear for the reception into something more comfortable. There's this first aid kit from Johnson and Johnson's that I saw online but I don't know if we have this here. But I want to find one and include it in my kit.

5. Sewing Kit. And I need to make sure that there is white or ivory colored thread in there. And also all the shades of pink for the entourage gowns. That way if they also have any mishaps with their gowns they can use the sewing kit as well. Just a small kit will do, like the ones we were required to bring in our Home Economics Class when we were kids.

6. Mobile Phone Chargers. There might be guests who need to contact us and it would be a disaster if our mobile phones are dead. Although, I wouldn't want to be bothered with that and might ask my MOH to take care of it. But it would still be a good thing to be ready.

7. Digital Camera. And I don't mean an DSLR, ok. I have never been a fan of those huge things, anyway. I made sure that my digicam is just a small one because I want to be able to pocket it and if in case I put it in my bag it won't be too heavy. So that my MOH can take randomly take pictures if she wants when she is bored or whatever. Or my brother. My MOH, by the way, is my sister. 

8. Contact Lens Solution. I wear glasses on my daily life but I don't want to wear them on my wedding day of course! I want to get contact lenses probably around 3 months before the wedding so I will get accustomed to using one. So I need to make sure I have the contact lens solution for any emergencies.

9. Manicure kit. I want to have a french tip manicure on the big day. And I have this tendency of getting chipped nails every now and then. Now, if this tragedy happens on my big day, I need to make sure it can be fixed! I don't want ugly nails on my wedding pictures! So aside from those things you can see in the picture below, I will also include nail polish remover, white nail polish and the colorless one. I am a pro in doing french tip on my fingernails. 

10. Breath mints. Of course I will eat on my wedding day! I get all grumpy when I am hungry and that would be no good. Now, I wouldn't want to brush my teeth for fear of ruining my make-up. So a quick fix to avoid funny smelling breath would be mints. And my personal favorite is the green Smints.

11. Mighty Bond. Mentos Moments are not appreciated during weddings. I don't think anyone would be happy if a heel of their shoe breaks, especially me. So I need to make sure I have Mighty Bond in that emergency kit. Messed up shoes are always considered an emergency for me!

12. Tide To Go. Or any stain remover, for that matter. You see, I am the type of person that easily gets food on her clothes, hair, whatever. I am kind of a messy eater. And I get all OC about that. So I was reading quick fixes on the net and found this. But I don't think we have this here so I would need to ask someone from the US to send me one. Tee-hee...

13. Hair Brush and Comb. My HMUA said she can teach my MOH or one of the bridesmaids on how I can let my hair down for a second look on the reception so I don't need to pay extra for the unlimited retouch service. So it would be best to have a hairbrush or comb handy so my 'do does not get a morning-out-of-bed look.

14. Hair spray. Again, in case I want to change hairstyles for the reception. I am not an expert on hair sprays because I don't use one. So this is something I need to research on. Or I can ask my HMUA.

15. Extra Make-up. I will have to ask my HMUA about this as well. Just in case I need to retouch. Although, Mich said wouldn't have too since her make-up is pretty much an all day kind of thing. But I just want to be sure. I am OC that way.

16. Lip Balm. I am always a victim of chapped lips. I get wind burn easily. And I wouldn't want my lips cracking and bleeding during the event. That would be too gruesome. So I need to make sure I either have one of these. I have stocks of both because I am always using these precious lip balms.

17. Sanitary Napkins. Heaven forbid that I get my period on my wedding day. But in case I do get my period, I should at least be ready.

18. Hairpins. Just in case my veil becomes lose or my hair falls apart or what have you.

19. Mineral water and straw. And it is important to have a straw! I don't want my lipstick getting smeared or faded out by drinking off the bottle or off a glass.

20. Lotion. I have dry skin, especially on my feet. So I apply lotion every now and then, especially if I am wearing peep toe shoes. And in my case, my wedding shoes are peep toes. 

21. USB with important wedding stuff. Just in case we need something printed that was left behind or whatever. Or my speech maybe, or playlist. I just want to make sure I have everything saved in there. 

22. Snack. I am particularly indicating to energy bars. The groom and I might get all our energies used up and would not be able to enjoy the festivities. So it would be best to have energy bars handy. These are my favorites, you can find them in Starbucks Shops.

23. Eye Drops. When I cry my eyes become red and blotchy and swollen. Can't have that on my wedding pictures. So I need to make sure I have my trusty Eye-Mo on D Day.

24. Folding bag. Just in case I need it, can't be too careful. Or maybe a plastic trash bag. You get the idea, right? No need to explain what I am referring to. 

25. My favorite perfume. It is already a given that I will be mingling with people and I don't want to smell like make-up and hair spray. So I need to make sure I always smell good. 

Well, that's it, I think. If I add more stuff into my list my MOH might have to bring a trolley instead of a kikay bag. 


Need to start finding and collecting those items soon!