Thursday, November 8, 2012

Diamond Hotel Versus Hyatt Hotel

I was pretty sure up to this point that we will be booking Diamond Hotel for our reception. We already have a pencil booking and we are scheduled to make the down payment already. But then I got an email from Hyatt Hotel saying the director for sales has approved the lock in of rates for our 2014 wedding. So that means, 2012 rates for a 2014 wedding.


And now I am confused again. I really like the Le Salon of Hyatt Hotel but the initial package they gave me was so much more expensive than that of Diamond Hotel. But since they agreed to lock in on their rates, that makes them roughly around 30k to 40k cheaper!

In terms of function hall, I kind of liked Hyatt's Le Salon better than the Diamond Ballroom. Here are some pictures of their function halls. Please note that the shot for Hyatt's Le Salon is only half of the room because there was an event on the other half when we got there.



What I didn't like about the Diamond Ballroom is the fact that it is beside the swimming pool entrance. So there is that tendency that I will again see people running around in their bathrobes because they are on their way to the pool. 

What I didn't like about Le Salon is that you would have to take the elevator going to it which may take some time since there are only I think 2 elevators going up. 

Here is a comparison of the packages being offered by the 2 hotels.

The projector would probably cost around Php 15,000 if we were to rent it. And also for the special effects part, Rejectkrew will already have a fog machine in their package so I don't really need the special effects part of the package. I am, however, very much attracted to the set menu meal for 20 heads from Hyatt. 


We can use that for the rehearsal dinner, you know! That would already save us a couple of bucks! 

I am kinda sad, though, that the bridal car of Hyatt is only in silver and grey. And has the hotel name on it, at that. Here is a sample shot sent by my AE.

So, again, I am confused. I need to make a decision before this year ends if I want to get the locked in rates of Hyatt. They both have their pros and cons and right now I am inclined to book Hyatt because I feel that they are willing to go the extra mile for their customers by approving a lock in of the rates. And also, if we were to get more than 10 rooms they will be giving us a discount for that. 

Another thing I like about Hyatt is that they are flexible when it comes to crew meals. They both allowed us to bring crew meal for preparations, but during the event this is not allowed anymore. Diamond informed me that their crew meal is Php 650.00 per head, the same for Hyatt. But with Hyatt, they told us that the suppliers can instead go to the employee's cafeteria for a meal which will only be Php 250.00 and that is way cheaper! Maybe I can ask my coordinator to buy food from the suppliers so it can still be taken up to them. 

I also like Hyatt's AE better. She is very accommodating and responds really fast. Unlike with Diamond, my email has been sitting in their inbox for a week and I had to be really aggressive before someone got back to me. And it has now been another 3 days since my last query and still nothing. 

So there you have it! Looks like we are going to book Hyatt Hotel and Casino for our wedding reception. I will have a talk with the future in laws this weekend to see what they think, too.


  1. Hi there! Found your blog from GTalk. Actually, Diamond hotel is way better and dont worry about people walking around in swimsuit, etc. They close that area (the pool side) doors so exclusive sa inyo yung harap ng diamond ballroom. What's nice is you can put your cocktail tables in that place, registration, photowall etc. I must know, I did a birthday party last September in that area following a wedding. Ang ganda ng service nila. I would recommend you to hire a florist or a stylist for Diamond. Medyo plain lang kasi yung styling nila for me. But dont worry about the pool.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, MDP! I am so glad to hear they close down the pool area. I did settle for Diamond, though. Thanks for the tip on getting a stylist-slash-florist. I will make sure to do that. :)

  3. Hi.I am also planning to get Diamond Hotel for my reception. Could you email me the rate you got from them? ( I am planning not to get the package but just the food & beverage. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hello, Wildflower88. Sure, will forward the package I got from Diamond Hotel. We got the Blissful Wedding Package. Please be advised that we got the 2012 rates so I am not sure if there have been changes already. Most probably there's already an increase of 10%. Also, the rates I will forward you do not include VAT and other taxes or fees, it's just the basic rate.

  5. Hello! Me and my fiance are looking for a reception venue and is considering the Diamond hotel. We're you able to lock in their 2012 rates? And how is communication with them so far? Thank you!

  6. Hello, Lyndon. They did not allow us to lock in on the rates, the down payment was just to block our date. They did, however, give a group rate for the rooms that we booked. And also instead of the usual increase of 10% annually, the one applied to us was only 8% since we booked just about 2 years ahead. Communication is okay too, response time is around 24 to 48 hours if by email. It would be faster to just call the AE instead of communicating online. :)

  7. Hello... I found your page very interesting and informative.. can you send to me also the rated you got from Diamond Hotel? I am also considering the place for my big day next year. Just so that I will have an idea.. Thanks so much... (

  8. Hello, Rizzi! Sure, I will send it to you via email but the rates that I will send are from last year when I booked them. I think they already had a price increase for the year but at least you will have an idea of their going rates. They are pretty reasonable. :)