Friday, November 9, 2012

Emcee: Check!

I was torn on who to get for our wedding host. Initially, I was planning to just have my brother and his friend do the hosting. But I realized it would be better for him to just sit back and enjoy the wedding festivities.

There were some talk of coordinators with emcees like The One Exclusive and Kiss The Girl. I read some really good reviews about their emcees in Gtalk. Their rates are really affordable as well.

The FMIL and FFIL is all about getting Chico and Delamar of Monster Radio. But I asked around the forum and their rates were 15k each! That is way out of budget.

Since we are already in the talks of getting a radio DJ as a wedding host, my thoughts turned to my friend, Nina. She is also a DJ but she is from Mellow Touch. But when I got to contact her she said she was not really comfortable doing hosting, she was more of a voice over kind of girl. She did, however, refer me to her co-DJ, Ingrid Nieto.

I listened in on Ingrid during her show on The Afternoon Cruise and I liked her right away. So I got her number from Nina and sent her an SMS. She is very friendly and accommodating. She also gave me a discount! Whoopee! You can check her out here. She also has a blog if you want to check out the weddings she has hosted. I also found her picture on line. She looks like Nina, don't you think? Pretty girl!

So today, I already made the down payment to block our date and lock in on her price. I am so happy!

Now, off to deciding who to get for OTD Coordination. Nuninuninuninu...


  1. Hi, Chinay Pe :)

    Naghahanap din ako ng wedding emcee. My google search landed here on your page :)

    Interesting yung emcee na nakuha mo. Kamusta naman ang naging output, if you don't mind me asking. Hingi na din ako ng contact details nya kung sakali.

    Thanks in advance!
    Ann D.

  2. Hello, Ann Chu. My wedding is going to take place next year pa ng Feb! But so far so good, I really like Ingrid. You can send her a PM here.

    You can also check out her blog here:

    Hope this helps! :)

  3. Hi Chinay Pe :) I was led to your blog when I was googling DJ Ingrid. By any chance, do you have a video clip of her hosting? Thank you. :)

    1. Hi, Tricia! Yes, I do! I just need to piece it together since it was sent to me by my videog as raw data file. Let me know if you still need it!

  4. Hi! We are getting married this June and we still dont have an Emcee! :(
    May I know how much her rate is so we can check if we can consider her? Thanks! :)

  5. Hello, Melieneth! She gave me a special rate because I was referred by a good friend of mine. I am not sure what her current rate is, though. I can check with her if you want. Let me know!