Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hello, Sunshine!

I want every little detail of my big day to be special, personalized. So I think about even the smallest things that can add personality to the wedding nitty-grittys.

So when I stumbled upon this Kate Spade Compact Mirror, I knew I had to have it. The size is perfect for my small purse so I can bring it with me the entire ceremony and reception. I always want to check how I look especially when I need to face people so having a handy mirror is a must for me.

It says "Hello Sunshine", that's what I call the H2B sometimes. 


I also have the Florence Broadhurst edition of this compact mirror. It's a part of my daily kikay kit.

This is my favorite because when I use it, I feel like it's really talking to me, you know. It does say "Hello, Beautiful" inside.


My gown designer will probably make me a purse to match my gown, I prefer it to be looped on my wrist as opposed to a clutch bag. I have a terrible tendency of putting things down and forgetting about it, and what with all the ang pao I will probably get for my wedding, putting my bag down is not a good idea!

I will just mention the mirror so it will be taken into consideration when my purse is created. 

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