Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On The Day Coordinators

At first I didn't think I needed an On The Day Coordinator. But then I was bored one day and decided to sneak a peek in the thread for OTD Coordinators in GTalk and I was surprised at just how much needs to be done during the wedding day itself!

So that made me realize how badly I need an OTD Coordinator if I don't want to get stressed on my wedding day. I did some back reads in the forum and concluded that these names are the ones I should check on:

1. The One Exclusive. These guys seem to be number 1 among the GTalkers. Although, I became a bit worried with the talk of the team splitting up. There used to be Kath and Thoffy. Now, as per the other B2Bs, the team has split up. I sent an SMS to both Kath and Thoffy. I found out that Kath seemed to have kept the name The One Exclusive and Thoffy's team is called Events by Thoffy Consulta. They have the same rates though, 12k without emcee and 15k with emcee for OTD Coordination.

2. Infinite Events by Mr and Mrs. I am intrigued by this team! From my research I found out that they consist of 3 newly wed couples who were very hands on during their wedding preparations. I also liked their package which was 10k for OTD Coordination which includes RSVP and freebies like mass offering (fruit basket) and party poppers. But alas, they do not accept 2014 bookings yet.

3. Events: Simplified. I liked it very much that they are fast to respond to my queries in Facebook and that the contact person is also a fellow GTalker. Their package for OTD is 12k which also includes RSVP and I also get to choose one freebie from their selection. I really like the Wish Tree as my freebie. I have been planning to have one for my wedding so it would be easier for me if it was included in the OTD Package.

4. Kiss The Girl Events. These girls have the most pre-event meetings allotted for the couples compared to the rest. They are giving 5 sessions! But honestly, I don't think I would need that much but it is still a good thing, though. They also charge 12k for their OTD Coordination services. They have the lowest requirement to block the date. We only need a down payment of 1k for them to reserve the day for us. But RSVP is a big deal for me and this seems to be excluded in their package. But I have heard so many good reviews about them so I still want to check them out.

5. Alpha Events Management. The rates they sent me are promotional rates. If I book them until the end of November I get the OTD Coordination package for only 10k plus freebies. I am dearly attracted to the freebies of 20 misalettes because that will cross off the need to have them printed at my own expense. Also, they have the lowest rate, I believe, since Infinite Events is not accepting 2014 bookings yet. They even have other packages like 14k for OTD Coordination with host or 2 hour photobooth, 14k for OTD Coordination with bridal make-up with 25 misalettes. But there are mixed reviews about them so I am a bit hesitant to sign up with them. But I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and will still set up a meeting with them to see if I will get the "This Is It" feeling.

6. Alalay Ko Events. My emcee recommended this team. I did some research and found that they have been in the industry for 7 years. So I was surprised when they quoted me only 15k for our OTD. Maybe it's because we only have a few guests and they base their rates on the headcount. I also found that they are not new to hotel wedding receptions and that Erli is a manager from Globe Telecoms. I am scheduling a meet up with them too.

But since I am so busy these past few days I haven't been able to set up one meeting with any of them. Me working late into the wee hours of the morning is just not getting me anywhere with my wedding planning. It is a good thing that I am almost done. Tsk tsk...

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