Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Matches Are Here!

I plan even the smallest things for our wedding, like the ring carrier that will be used, the arrhae carrier, the candles, even the matches. I even asked for matches coming from abroad since we don't have the long ones here in the country.

So I am so freaking happy to finally have them thanks to Jazz! They are around 4.5 inches long. Here is how they look.

I plan to personalize the boxes for my big day. I have been gathering ideas from the net and here are some of my favorites.

1. I find this kind of romantic, especially the one where the bride added some rhinestones to the box. I will probably use pink paper and print in Happy Ever After in a more girly font.

2. These are cute and quirky! The phrases are all catchy but my favorite is A Match Made In Heaven! 

3. I think this is simple but elegant. I would probably go as far as putting in the date of the wedding. I found the instructions on how to do this in this website

I also found this DIY which can pretty much be applicable for whatever design I have in mind. 

I will start conceptualizing what design I want so I can start making my DIY matchbox! Oh goody! 

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