Monday, November 5, 2012

Wedding Cake and Cake Toppers

Since we will be booking the Manila Diamond Hotel for our wedding reception, we don't need to get a separate person to make our cake. Although, this is still something I am thinking of. But it would be a big savings if we opt to just get the cake included in the package.

If we were to have Guilt-less Fantasies do our cake, I already have a design in mind. I want it like this, uneven. But not gothic, ok? Just the circles being uneven, that's all I want to copy from this cake.

And then, I want it shiny, like this cake below. I read this is just some kind of special sugar used for this kind of baking. 

I kinda liked this type of cakes too. But the H2B thinks it's to simple. And besides, it does not fit our vintage glam theme. But I am thinking of having something like this on our engagement party.

This design also tickled my fancy. I like the details of the designs on the side. Maybe we can ask the Manila Diamond Hotel make something like this for us. But instead of squares, we prefer it to be circular, of course. 

Maybe we can have the Manila Diamond Hotel create us something like this. From the display I know we only get to have a three layer cake. So maybe they can copy the design of this cake and make it into a 3 layer one only. I especially love the base, I wonder if they have something like that too.

Here is a sample cake from the Manila Diamond Hotel. I saw this in their events show room.

Not bad, right? The base is 18 inches in diameter, if I recall correctly. And the base is also the only edible part of the cake, specifically for the cake cutting ceremony.

Now, for the cake toppers, I am thinking if I want it to be personalized or just buy something ready made. Here are my top 3 choices of ready made toppers that I found in

1. This was my top choice. I like the idea of the bride's feet dangling at the edge of the cake. And this is just really romantic. 

2. The H2B especially loved this one. Humorous, don't you think? I like it too. I am just worried about the reactions from the oldies. *LOL*

3. This our the H2B's second choice. It fits our vintage theme, I think.

4. My brother votes for this one, he thinks it kinda shows our personality. 

So that's it for the ready to buy toppers. Here are my choices for the made to order ones:

1. This is made of clay, I think. I found it in Etsy but it's very expensive! It's roughly around 6k to 11k! And they do not ship to the Philippines, I would have to have it included in the BBOX.

2. This is also made of clay by Lucky Chamrz Clay Accessories. They are recommended by a lot of B2Bs from Gtalk. Their rates are also very reasonable ranging from 1k or so.

3. Saw something like these in Megamall, it ranges from 8k up, if I am not mistaken. You give them your picture and then they make you something like this! Like your mini-me!

I still have time to make my decision on this, 1 year and 2 months worth of time, to be exact. I will have to consider the budget first. I think the personalized ones are expensive except for option number 2. But I am also wary of getting ready to buy ones because I am not big on the idea that I have the same topper as that of another couple. Decisions, decisions...

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  1. cake vote is the one which looks like it has a ribbon. For the toppers is no 1 and no 3, last choice the no 1 of clay, kaso it goes with the bbbox :D