Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Belle De Jour Box November

I am not a kikay girl. As a matter of fact, I don't have any beauty regimens for my skin or hair. But now that I am getting married, I always fret of having dry skin or hair in my pictures. Or that I looked older than my actual age. Wrinkles!

So I decided that I needed to find products that can help me in my quest for prolonging a youthful glow aside from my trusty Myra E Vitamins.

I always get a Belle De Jour planner every year. I love writing in them to the point it looks like a Dear Diary.


And then there is also the coupons which I use for Clarity, Sonja's Cupcakes, Redbox, and Coffee Bean to name a few. When I was browsing through their website I saw the BDJ Box. The tag line is Beauty for the Better. You subscribe to it and receive a box filled with sample sized beauty products which you can try out and decide later if you want to buy the full sized one.

I decided to try it out for 2 months so I made a payment via PayPal for 2 November and December. I received the first box the last week of November.

Here is how the box looks like.

Upon opening it, it has a translucent paper cover with a sticker sealing it.

Here are the contents of the November box:

A tube of Shiseido Wrinkle Cream and 2 tubes of facial wash

A Nippon facial cleansing sponge

L'Occitane Soap 

 Calvin Klein Beauty Sample Sized Perfume in Atomizer

10% off for L'Occitane products with a minimum purchase
of Php 1,000

1k off for Inoa Color Services and 2k off L'oreal X-tenso
Moisturist Digi Perm and Rebonding Services

Yuka Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Dentiste Toothpaste

Physiogel Intensive Cream

L'oreal Menexpert Facial Wash

Garnier Overnight Whitening Cream

Garnier Day Time Whitening Cream

Discount cards for Shiseido

Free upper lip wax from The Strip Ministry of Wax

And cute feel good stickers! 

Now, I paid Php 480.00 for this and I got 10 items in total and 4 discount cards! So worth it! I haven't started using any of the products yet. But I want to try the Shiseido facial wash and wrinkle day cream first. 

The December box was delivered late due to the holidays and I got it just last week. I haven't got the time to dig into it yet but I will definitely do it within the week. 

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