Monday, January 7, 2013

Infinity Dresses

I have been so caught up with the holidays that I had to literally put a stop to my wedding planning. So after a month long hiatus, I am back with a vengeance! I have about a year to iron everything out. I guess the timeline is actually adding to the add-ons and fickle minded thoughts I have. But with the wedding budget already up to almost 800k, I need to watch out.

*tsk, tsk*

So, I was chatting with one of my bridesmaids last night and she showed me a dress that she wore to a recent wedding she attended. It kinda looked like an Infinity Dress. So I mentioned this to her and she thinks it would be a good dress for the entourage as well. That way they can still wear it for other functions as opposed if I had a gown made for them which they cannot wear to other events anymore.

I was interested with the Infinity Dresses of this FB store called Cheesecake earlier in 2012. I liked their colors and also saw they have a lot of good reviews from their customers. I also browsed through their FB pics and found these nice photos which further inspired me with the whole Infinity Dress concept for the female entourage.

Their prices are very reasonable ranging from Php 1,000 for the knee length dresses and Php 1,800 for the floor length ones. The floor length ones already include a tube top, maximum of 30 inches for the waist and 43 inches from under the bust line to the hem. For the knee length ones, it is also a maximum of 30 inches for the waist line and is 28 inches from the bust line to the hem. They can also customize the size especially if the user is a plus size, to be sure that the fit is perfect. She uses Matte Jersey. She also uses a glossy type of cloth but I would prefer the matte one.

I also made an inquiry with Marilenn Florendo regarding her Infinity Dresses. She also has a lot of good feedbacks but the draw back being she is based in Cebu. I heard her mom has already taken over the business since she is not in Cebu anymore. For the short infinity dresses it is Php 1,700 and for the long ones it is Php 2,800. She uses matte jersey and opaque crystal for the glossy finish. 

Then there is also Raza Formal Wear but I feel that Php 2,500 for an Infinity Dress is not reasonable for me. I could add just a little bit more to that and have Amonn do the entourage dresses. 

At the moment, I am seriously considering Cheesecake since she is just within the metro and also her rates are lower considering she is using the same material with Marilenn Florendo. Plus, I can meet up with her conveniently in Makati and do a pick up instead of shipping so I can check out the dresses before I take it home. 

I will schedule a meet up with her and let you know how it goes. Cheerio!


  1. Infinity dresses really are a good option for entourage dresses :) Nice blog post!

  2. Thanks, sis! I am meeting with Cheesecake's Agatha on the 19th. I will post an entry about it as well showing the swatches and all. :)

  3. Wow thanks. This is a grest idea for the entourage :)

  4. hi,hun
    do you have an idea about cheesecake's details?
    i want to ask her sana about the dresses but i found out that her page isn't available na here.
    i would appreciate it if you can get back to me.thanks!

    1. Hello, ~tHiAmErE~! You can check out her Facebook page here: :)