Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Meeting with Alalay Ko Events

I know that the month of December is a busy schedule for people in the wedding industry. A lot of couples prefer having their big day in this month. But I am glad that Eli of Alalay Ko Events was still able to meet me for a quick chat.

Alalay Ko Events was recommend to me by our emcee, Ingrid Nieto. She has worked with them a number of times already and she can vouch for their performance. It was also a pleasant surprise for me when my AE for Diamond Hotel also knows them! I guess being in the industry for the last 7 years, they have already built quite a name for themselves.

We met one afternoon in December in Gateway Mall so Erli can discuss their packages with me. Here is what they are offering:

ON THE DAY Coordination                                 

§  Assistance and meetings two months before the wedding (Note: FREE consultation upon signing up the contract)
§  5 coordinators on the day itself

A. You already have your ALALAY two months before your wedding day. We are going to do the following:

  • Go through our complete checklist to determine which are (1)DONE, (2) FOR FOLLOW UP and (3) NOT DONE
  • Assist you on accomplishing all pending transactions with your vendors
  • Provide a Schedule of Payment with record (1) vendor, (2) contact, (3) contact number (4) total cost,  (5) downpayment and (5) balance.
  • Organize the wedding day agenda
  • Provide assistance in composing and selecting readings for the misalette
  • Assist in music selection for the wedding ceremony and reception program
  • Produce a Processional Line Guide with detailed information as to who plays what role
  • Provide various creative ideas for the wedding ceremony and reception program.
  • Verify and confirm every vendors scheduled arrival and delivery requirements as stipulated in the agreement/contract.
  • Assist in preparing the wedding reception program.
  • Ensure proper coordination between the venue manager and all vendors (e.g floral arrangements, cake table-set up, musician or strings set up, etc.)
  • Assist couple in bridal registry needs.
  • Your alalay to be in your bridal room 5 hours before your wedding to
      • Arrange photography needs
      • Check on bride and entourage for last minute details
      • Gather the pillows, veil, cord for the church ceremony
      • Gather flowers for distribution at the church
    • Provide valuable advice and consultations via phone, fax, or email.

    B. Your ALALAY at the Ceremony:
    • Your alalay will be there an hour before the ceremony to oversee proper vendor set-up
    • Coordinate with Church representatives 
    • Check on the arrival of specific suppliers (musicians/strings, priest/minister, wedding participants – lector, readers, offerors).
    • Distribute misalettes or wedding programs to guests.
    • Organize the processional and recessional line.
    • Distribute flowers and copies of the processional line-up to the members of the wedding entourage.
    • Turnover veil, cord and lighter to secondary sponsors.
    • Turnover ring pillow, arrhae pillow and Bible to the corresponding bearers.
    • Arrange offertory sequence.
    • Collect candles, ring pillow, veil, cord, arrhae, pillow, Bible, etc after the ceremony.
    • Arrange Photo sequence 
    • Distribute petal shower/confetti/bubble paraphernalia to guests before the recessional.
    • Check on the venue for any item endorsed to the coordinator-in-charge that may have been left behind.

    C. Your ALALAY at the Reception Venue:
    • Double Check layout of room. Make sure correct table numbers & chair count.
    • Confer and coordinate with captain waiter or banquet sales officer of set-up and head count of guests.
    • Set up seating and place cards for the presidential table & VIP tables.
    • Check arrival of suppliers : (musicians/strings, emcee, mobile, audio-visual presentation system, sound system).
    • Check delivery of cake and set up of cake table.
    • Check delivery of flowers and d├ęcor set up.
    • Organize registration table, gift table, signature frame easel, and program distribution.
    • Helps the guest(s) register and assists them to their seats.
    • Gift registration and safe keeping of gifts.
    • Organize presentation of the bridal party before the program starts.
    • Ensure the guestbook is routed while the guests are eating.
    • Assist the photographer and/or videographer where they are needed to ensure smooth transition of photos.
    • Oversee and directs the cutting of the cake, toast, first dance, and garter/bouquet tosses.
    • Ensure the smooth distribution of wedding souvenirs.
    • Maintain timing of each event for smooth flow of the program with coordination with emcee/host.
    • Take charge of the payments to be made to different suppliers using prepared checks made by the couple. 
    • Assist in safe-keeping and turn over of items, gifts and bridal accessories at the end of the program and endorsing them to the person responsible.

The details are very specific and I like that. Also, Erli showed me templates she uses in Excel for supplier's information and the wedding agenda. There were other templates that I cannot recall anymore but it all reminded me of my own excel documents for monitoring our wedding thingies. I was impressed, to say the least. I am an OC bride as well and I was pleased to find an OC coordinator!

Their rates are also very reasonable for me:

I checked their reviews online and is satisfied with what I found. So at the moment they are at the top of my list of OTD coordinators. Well, since I haven't met with the others yet so I guess it makes sense for them to be at the top of my list.


Hopefully I can already meet with the others. They are all so busy and 2014 is already coming soon!

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