Monday, January 21, 2013

My Meeting with Amante Fleurs

I initially did not want to get an event stylist because it was added cost. But after going to Diamond Hotel and checking out their centerpieces, I decided I needed a stylist if I wanted the reception to look nice.

As usual, I was checking out the feedback from the girls from Gtalk. I knew we could not afford to get the really expensive ones (like those that cost 70k up!) and I was not keen on spending so much for the styling as well. After all, it is just a few hours and we won't be able to take those decors home, right? So I just want to prettify the place but not spend too much, just something to avoid it from looking too plain.

So, based from the girls of GTalk, they recommended Mister Hardinero and Amante Fleurs saying they offer the most reasonable rates without compromising the quality of work. I already contacted both but got a faster response from Sir Julius of Amante Fleurs despite their busy schedule.

Here are my favorites from his designs found in their FB Page:

We met at SM Marikina earlier today at 2:30 PM. Sir Julius was quiet at first while I was explaining what I wanted for the reception. He commented every now and then but mainly he listened to what I had to say. Eventually, he gave his suggestions based on our theme and color palette. After this, I filled out the form he gave me for the wedding details. It was good that he will be doing a wedding on June this year in Diamond Hotel as well. That way he is already familiar with the Diamond Ballroom. He then showed me his current rates. For the design that I wanted, it fell under the basic package only! I was ecstatic. Although, Sir Julius advised that it would be good to have alternate decors for the tables, some with just basic ones and some with tall centerpieces, since the Diamond Ballroom has high ceilings. This made sense to me so I agreed. Here is what the basic package offers. It is called The Silver Package. 

Special Themed Backdrop
10 Centerpieces (max of 120 heads)
1 Couple's Table Arrangement
2 Presidential Table Arrangements
1 Cake Table Arrangement
1 Cage Flower Arrangement

Flowers to be used:
Mixed local flowers of customer's choice

Car Bouquet Arrangement

I don't mind that the flowers are local as long as I get the look that I want. This package costs Php 20,000 for everything I mentioned above. But there will be additional costs on top of this since we have more guests than what this package covers. Also, we will tweak this a bit so that other tables will have high centerpieces. So rough estimate would be Php 27,000 to Php 30,000 or so. 

I am at the verge of booking Amante Fleurs but I want to still go ahead with my meeting with Mister Hardinero before I make a decision. I also found great feedback about them and that they have reasonable rates as well. Hopefully I already get to meet them before the month ends!

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