Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Meeting with Amonn Velasco

This is a long overdue post. But since I did not have my camera the first time I went to see him I did not post it yet because I wanted to make sure I have pictures.


Anyway, as I have repeatedly mentioned before, I was supposed to book Mel Orlina but when I went back to visit Amonn with the FMIL I saw a gown that I was impressed with and the rest is history...

So anyway, on Saturday I went back to visit Amonn to have a discussion of what I wanted to happen with my gown. After I was confused on who to really go with, Amonn or Von, I knew I had to meet with Amonn again for my peace of mind. So off I went to his Makati shop to pay him a visit.

There were 3 other couples when I got there. Some were for measurement taking and some for consultation. While waiting, I took some pictures of the shop.

I am seated at the waiting area, on a white couch. From where I was seated, that is the office of Amonn behind the glass wall.

There are only two gowns displayed in the studio, although there is another one inside placed on a bodyform beside a Amonn's desk.

Oh, and I loved these seats! Maybe it's because of the damask patterns. I am really attracted to these kinds of prints.

Here is my contract from Amonn. I actually love what they've done here.

Check out our contract printed inside the folder itself. And my receipt for my down payment. They are very orderly. 

I had a fun time with my consultation. Amonn was such a nice person and he was giving out suggestions and all, even his assistant! My eyes were wandering around his office and I liked that he had his own paper bag and dress box. I just think that is so cool...

So after my meeting, I felt like I made the right choice by not switching designers. I am quite happy with the decision I made that I ended up rewarding myself with some Hainanese Chicken. 

Bon Apetit! 

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