Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Meeting with Cheesecake's Agatha

I met with Agatha of Cheesecake (no, not the one serving cheesecakes, literally) in CBLT Greenbelt 5 earlier today. It was crazy because I thought we were meeting in CBLT Glorietta 5 so I parked in G5. When I re-read her message it said Greenbelt 5! So I was already late because I had a hard time parking and it made me more late because I had to walk from Glorietta 5 to Greenbelt 5.

*oh the signs of aging*

Nevertheless, it was a fun, fun, fun meeting. Agatha is very nice. She helped me pick out the colors for the girls of my entourage. And the infinity dresses were all so very pretty I wanted to order one in each color! It was a good thing that Agatha asked me to calm down and talk about the entou dresses first. Otherwise, I would have ended buying more dresses for myself.


Agatha had with her a catalogue of some sort, an album, if you want. It has the swatches of cloth in it organized in palettes. We concentrated on the pinks since this is my motif. Here are the top picks for the shades of pink.

Now, if I remember correctly, the first one on top from the left is for the bridesmaids, the one beside it  is for the secondary sponsors. The one underneath, the first one from the left, are for the flower girls, with matching tutus! Like this:

The girls can wear that on top of their dresses on underneath so it would look like a second layer since it would peek out from the hem of the dress. Cute!!

The second one on the bottom row is for my prep dress. Yup, I ordered a gown type one for my prep dress. Agatha mentioned it would look better on the pictures in the room and bed shots. And come to think of it, I am not a small girl. So a long dress would be better.


Now, for the MOH, I totally forgot what color we chose. I will have to wait for Agatha's email. 

*signs of aging, again!*

Agatha brought samples of the dresses. The swing dresses, I already saw those. I even copied a picture off from her FB page and used it in my previous entry. But here is a copy again.

She also brought one called a ruched dress. This one if form fitting and not flowy like the swing dress. Here is how it looks.

I love the sides of the dress! This must be the "ruched" part, right? LOL

I already asked one of the BMs and she loved it. I am just waiting for the confirmation from the two others. If they like it, then it is definitely a go for this style for me.

I am also eyeing these colors for gowns. I so love the colors!!!

The colors are so alive, and I know it would look good on my skin tone. 

I am just waiting for the initial quote from Agatha but for me this is already a closed deal. I am so getting these gorgeous dresses for my girls! 

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