Sunday, January 20, 2013

Product Review: Britney Spears Radiance vs Calvin Klein Beauty

Included in my BDJ boxes for November and December are samples in atomizer of Calvin Klein Beauty and Britney Spears Radiance, respectively. Both are in 1.2 ml atomizer bottles. But Radiance was in a plastic bottle, while Beauty is in a glass bottle.

Calvin Klein Beauty - November Box

Britney Spears Radiance - December Box

I used Beauty today when I went to meet Agatha. Beauty kinda has a woodsy musk scent, it kinda reminds of Dune by Christian Dior. I could be wrong, though. But for me, it's a scent that my mom would wear. Which means I won't.


I used Radiance going to work yesterday. Radiance for me smells playful, bold, female. I think the strongest scent are berries, some floral notes, and then some musk. Although this scent can be worn by yuppies, it just does not fit my personality. 

So, my verdict? No, I won't be buying these perfumes for myself. Not anytime soon, and not in the near future. It can be a good scent for others, but definitely not for me. 

For my wedding, I also need a small atomizer for my perfume. But I would probably use my favorite scent, Lavanilla. My favorite being this is also the H2B's favorite scent on me. I hope I can score a small bottle of this so it will fit into my purse. But thanks anyway for BDJ for trying to help me by sending these sample perfumes.

*As if they know the reason for my subscription! LOL*

Maybe I will get a vanilla scented perfume in a sample atomizer on the next box, eih? 

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