Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Product Review: Etude House Collagen Moistfull Freshner and Emulsion

I am a fan of Etude House. As a beginner who is starting to explore the world of beauty products, this was recommended to me by my brother, no less. He told me his GF is using the product and is quite happy with it. So the first "make-up" I owned is the Etude House BB Cream and the partner powder of the same brand. And so far, it has worked well for me.

So when I received the Etude House Collagen Moistfull Freshner and Emulsion, I did not have second thoughts of using it.

I use the BB Cream and face powder everyday. For today, I decided to use the facial freshner and emulsion with it as well. The first thing I used is the freshner. 

The freshner is a clear gel. From my research, I found that a freshner is like a toner. So instead of using my Etude House Wonder Pore, I used this one instead. It is different in texture since Wonder Pore is liquid so I use a cotton for it. Since I figured it's supposed to do the same thing, I also used cotton balls to apply the freshner. The scent is the same as that of the BB Cream and face powder. Kind of citrusy and fresh together. The first thing I noticed is that it did not give my skin the clean and cool feeling that I normally get from using the Wonder Pore. But it did give me a baby skin feeling. So maybe they should not call this a freshner, a moisturizer maybe? Just my two cents...

Next, I used the emulsion. It has a milky white color with the consistency of a light gel. From my understanding, this is supposed to act like a moisturizer. I used my finger to apply this on my face. By the time I was done applying it, I felt yes it is supposed to moisturize my skin but I am thinking perhaps it was not a good idea to use it together with the freshner because by now I felt a kind of heaviness on my face from all the gel I used. But I did not wipe it out, I let my it seep into my skin for a few minutes. 

After around 30 minutes, I did not feel the heavy, sticky feeling anymore. I touched my skin and it was really soft, like when I first used the Dead Sea Salt trial in Singapore. So after this, I then applied the BB Cream and added the face powder.

It is now late in the evening and my face is still baby soft. And I have not retouched yet! Overall, I think this is an okay product. But I still prefer using the Etude House Pore Wonder instead of the freshner. As for the emulsion, yes I think it is something I would consider using. But I want to try it first when used alone to see if it will yield the same results as it did today before I purchase it from Etude House. I might even use the 10% discount coupon I got from my December BDJ Box to get it if I am convinced! 


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