Monday, January 21, 2013

Product Review: Pevonia Phyto-Gel Cleanser

From my December BDJ Box, I got a facial wash called Pevonia Phyto-Gel Cleanser. Now, to be honest I have never heard of this product before. But I was still confident to use it thinking Belle De Jour won't send us BDJ girls something that is bad for our beauty.


So I went ahead and used it. I have been using it for 3 days seeing how the effects are for me.

It is a clear gel with a really nice scent. It has a calming smell for me. Now, don't be deceived by the clear gel, just a bit of this added with a lot of water and it foams up already.

 As you know, as part of my "wedding belle" revamp, I started using the Etude BB Cream this month. Now, my challenge daily is removing all residues of the BB Cream from my face. It seems that no matter how I wash, when I use the Etude Toner slash Pore Wonder, there is still residue of the BB Cream in the cotton ball which means I was not successful removing all of it from my face!

Now, what I noticed with Pevonia Phyto-Gel Cleanser is when I used it the first time, there was no residue of the BB Cream on my cotton balls when I used the toner after bath. I thought maybe I just washed my face real good this time. The second time I used it, the same results! No residue of the BB Cream on my cotton balls. And the third night, I decided to use my regular facial wash again and found residues of the BB Cream again. I then used Pevonia again on the fourth night and once again I did not find any BB Cream residue on my cotton balls. This helped me confirm that using it helps remove all make up residue from my face.

Check out my face, no make up residue, but not stripped of moisture. After washing, it leaves my face baby soft.

So for me, this is my solution for days when I use my BB Cream. My regular facial wash, Ponds, doesn't seem to do the trick. So this for me is a life saver. 

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