Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rule of Thirds by JR Salonga

Due to reasons that I don't really feel like discussing, we now have a new photographer: Rule of Thirds by JR Salonga. 

Now don't get me wrong, the reasons I am referring to have nothing to do with our suppliers. NYOI is an absolutely wonderful team and I love Nikki to bits. She has been nothing but a ray of sunshine despite after delivering the news to her of having to switch photography teams. So yeah, get that nasty thought out of your head.

I love JR's work and I am a fan. I stalk their Facebook page, for crying out loud. We initially wanted to get him for another prenup and as back up photographer for our wedding. But after a lengthy and thorough discussion with the H2B we have now booked JR as our main photography team. He was kind enough to still give us the 2012 rates since that was what we discussed earlier when we were going to book him for back up. Here is what we got for 30k.

Now, on why this picture seems so small, I don't know. I have edited and re-saved it numerous times to no avail. 


Aside from allowing us to book the 2012 rates, he even threw in a freebie of SDE in video format for us! And as for NYOI, Nikki agreed to have a prenup session with us so that our DP will not go to waste.

Oh, for the love of God-given suppliers! These guys deserve some good homemade chocolate chip cookies made of nothing but the finest ingredients. I will be sure to whip up a batch with TLC for them for our next meet up.

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