Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Gown Designer Hunt

Another overdue post! Anyway, before I decided to meet with any designer, I sent inquiries to them via text or email. After that, I narrowed down my choices and set up appointments.

Last year on September, I met up with Mel Orlina. She was my number one choice. She quoted me 62k for my peg and we were okay with that price.

So off I went to her studio in Jupiter Street, Makati at 2pm on a weekday. When we got there we first saw one of her assistants and then heard a cheery "Over here!".

Mel had a corner of the studio set up as her office. It was a cozy space where she had posts of her sketches all over the walls and some cloth samples. And I was happy to say that we hit it off right away. I liked her immediately. She sketched me a design for my gown which was pretty much what I wanted. She was also very clear on what materials can be used and how the outcome would be. Frankly, I was not worried because I have seen her previous and current works and I am confident she can execute the design.

Last November, the FMIL and I went to see Amonn Velasco in his studio in Cityland behind Waltermart and Don Bosco in Makati. The studio was also nice and there were a lot of clients lounging around. He had mannequins wearing his gowns and I can say they were all very pretty. He is only in Makati during Saturdays and it was a first come first served basis.

So while we waited we entertained ourselves with the numerous wedding magazines available for us to read. After sometime, we were approached by his assistant and was asked to fill up a clip board. Finally, after a few more minutes, it was our turn. I showed Amonn my peg which he easily recalled. He then told me that yes this is a doable design but we had to change some details like the appliques that were used since those might not be available here in the Philippines. He also went on to explain what types of cloth can be used and how the outcome would be. He quoted me Php 35,000 via email and he confirmed this during our meeting. We noticed that he had a long gown in a bodyform so we also asked how much his rates were for entourage gowns. We were pleasantly surprised when he quoted Php 2,500 for the tea length gowns and Php 3,000 for the long gowns. For the mother's gowns it will only be Php 3,500! The FMIL wanted to book him right away. We were both already sold on the idea of having him do all the entourage gowns and mothers' gowns. His barong was also very reasonable at Php 6,000 for piƱa including a pair of slacks. And for the suit, Php 10,000 for a set. He gave us until January to make a 30% down payment in order to lock in on the price. But the FMIL was already sold on the idea so no more discussions happened.


Right now though, I am having a very fickle minded thing going on inside my head. You see, I was reading though Gtalk, as usual. And I saw this post about Carmen Lazaro Couture with such a good review. So I searched the net and found their Facebook page. And my gawd it was love at first sight! I contacted them right away and was quoted only Php 38,000! The designs were all very detailed and intricate. It was a Mel, a Veluz and a Cecilio Abad in there for me. I was so loving what I was seeing. So I have set up a meeting with them for this Sunday at 3pm. I will let you know how that turns out.

And I am definitely wishing I do not have any more sudden impulsive life changing ideas before 2014!

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