Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wedding Monogram: Check!

I initially wanted our wedding monogram done by The Fozzy Book. I contacted them last year but was advised to contact again the following month since they are fully loaded at that time. And my wedding is still in 2014 anyway so I was not in a hurry myself. I downloaded their rates from there website last year when I contacted them around November.

And then I got caught up with the holidays and I forgot to get in touch with Fozzy until I was reading through GTalk, back reading to be more specific, and I happened upon a recommendation for Work of Arch.

I sent an inquiry the 8th of January and got a response the following day. Archelle, the talent behind Work of Arch (and I am assuming hence the name), said she did not have any rates yet really since she is just starting out. So I shared with her the rates I have from other monogram creators from lowest to highest and much to my delight she pegged herself at the starting rate of Php 500.00 with unlimited revisions. 

*Claps hands while jumping up and down*

I explained what I wanted and asked how I can make a deposit to her. I was not able to log into my email for a day or two, I think. But when I opened it again I saw a message from her giving her PayPal account and my monogram! Wow, this person works fast! And true to her word, we did have a few revisions after I was able to clearly specify what I wanted. And voila! Here is my wedding monogram just the way I want it.

She even threw in a wax seal monogram for us since I mentioned I wanted to use this as well for our wedding envelopes!

I was really worried how our initials would look together without it appearing to be a movie advertisement of Mission Impossible.


But Archelle executed it nicely. I love it! 


  1. Hey, there! Very much welcome. I will use the monogram for the giveaways, invites and a whole lot of other stuff. :)

  2. Hello, chinay tourister, just wondering if you can give me any contact details of Work of Arch? thanks :)

    1. Hello, mymy villamor! Here is her email address: Hope this helps! :)