Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Entourage Dresses: Check!

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I am just waiting for the final quote from Cheesecake for my entourage dresses. I have already received this and made my down payment on the 2nd of February.

Here is the final shades for my entourage dresses scanned by Agatha.

I have decided to get swing dresses for all the girls as opposed to the getting ruched ones for the bridesmaids. The vote was 1 is to 3 with swing dresses winning. They will be the ones wearing the shade Crystal Pink, that's the swatch at the bottom right corner. The secondary sponsors will wear Thin Hull Dull, that is the swatch at the bottom left corner. The matron of honor will wear fuchsia, the one at the top right corner.  I also had one made for me to serve as my prep dress. My sister is the matron of honor so I am sure she does not mind that we have the same dress. 


Then the flower girls will wear crystal carnation, the one at the upper left corner. They will wear fuchsia tutus with that. So cute!

I already talked to the female entourage members and they have agreed to wear the same shoes. I really think that will be cute since they are wearing short dresses and wearing the same shoes will really add ooompphh to the line up. Yey!

I am so excited to see the dresses! I haven't sent my measurements yet because I still need to go on a diet. I hope I succeed. Otherwise, well... Nothing we can do about it anymore then. 


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