Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Divisoria Trekking: The Quest for the Perfect Ninangs' Cloth

Last Sunday, my brother accompanied me to go to Divisoria so we can find the perfect cloth for the female principal sponsors. I was thinking of something pink for them as well. But something that is just right that they won't be uncomfortable to wear it.

I have been reading a lot of reviews from other B2Bs about finding really cheap cloth in Ilaya Street in Divisoria. So that was our first destination.

It was very crowded in Ilaya Street. The vendors were all over the place that it was a challenge for us to even spot the stalls for the cloth sellers. Once we did find a few, they were not very accommodating. We were quite disappointed. So after a few more stalls, I finally decided to stop searching in Ilaya and move on to 999 mall. I recalled seeing a shop window displaying different kinds of textile when we passed by earlier. When we finally got there we were very happy to see that the basement was already open with bridal and textile supplies!

We went around canvasing until we found JJMJJ House of Fabrics at stall BB 6 and 8. We were assisted by Jo, part owner of the store. She was very pleasant and nicely answered all our questions. She was very accommodating. We noticed a lot of people came to buy cloth from them. It seems she already has a steady customer base. Probably because she is such a nice person. She even helped us by making suggestions and all. She even folded the cloth with the lining in between so that when I give it to our female principal sponsors we can give it like that already. Such a nice girl!

Here is the shade that we decided on. We wanted something that would look nice regardless of skintone.


Here it is, this is called a multi chiffon. It is the highest type of chiffon in town! I asked what the difference is and she said this was tougher in such a way that it does not run easily when it gets in contact with anything sharp. It is also very flowy and cool to the skin.

Here is what we got for the lining. This is charmeuse, it is better than satin because it is soft and stretchy. 

The multi chiffon costs 55 pesos per yard and the charmeuse costs 80 pesos per yard. If you want to use light satin it's is much cheaper at 40 pesos per yard while star satin, which is softer than light satin but not as soft as charmeuse, is 60 pesos per yard. 

Jo placed the cloth for lining in between the folds of the chiffon so it is ready to be boxed for me! 

I got boxes from National Bookstore earlier today. Each box costs Php 20.75 each and is big enough for the cloth to be placed in it wrapped in papel de hapon. The papel de hapon costs Php 17.75 from National and each pack contains 10 pieces. I also got a ribbon from 999 mall for Php 110.00 for 50 yards. It is also the same shade of pink as the cloth. 

Here is how it looks like inside the box.

And the finished product looks like this. Tada!!

By June, when the H2B comes home, we will do our rounds and give this out to our Ninangs. I know, I know, I got all these too early. But I want to be relaxed by the time he gets home so we can just do the things we have to that requires each other's presence like meeting the principal sponsors and all. The other stuff that I can do alone, I do it now. 

Me and my OCness. But hey, it gets things done, right?!?

Wanna find Jo too and buy some fabric? Here are her contact details:

JJMJJ House of Fabrics
BB 6 and 8 999 Shopping Mall (Building 2)
C.M. Recto Ave., Binondo, Manila
Telephone #: 710-6609 and 516-5926
Mobile #: 0922-8795885 and 0921-2056369

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